Racing fans! I did it! I found my furever family! Yesterday, foster mom told me she had some big news and I was all ears. She said that a family was coming to meet me from a few hours away. When they arrived I could tell they were good people and walked right out the front door with my butt wiggling to meet them. You see, they are a former bulldog family and have missed those butt wiggles. I also got to meet my new fur sister, Darby. She’s a fluffy girl and was only mildly interested in me. Don’t you worry, though, I will win her over with my bulldog charm in no time. 

After getting some love from my new family, I jumped right in their big truck with Darby and headed to my new home! Once we got there, they took me shopping and got all kinds of fun things for me. I also learned that I have a new skin sister at home! I showed her all my wiggles too and, guess what? She loves me! Well, I have toys to play with, naps to take, and lovin’ to get, so I’ll check in with you later!

Vroooom!!  It’s me, Hotrod, and I am ready to ride straight into your heart.
I thought I had done that with my old family, but I guess not. I ended up in the shelter and no one came looking for me. They didn’t even bother to register my microchip. Who does that?  Anyway, I have too much to do to allow the past to slow me down.
Don’t let my name cause you concern. I am young, two and a half, but I am not wild. I am more of a classic hot rod who knows when to show off the speed and when to hang back and fool everyone. I am a good hot rod size at only 49 pounds. I also have that classic look, don’t you think?
I am in good health, but my skin is pretty dry from all that burning rubber I have done. I will need to be neutered, but that will not affect my value. I am told by body is the most beautiful brindle color. If you look real close at my right eye, you will see I have a tiny light blue racing stripe right there! Dr. Larsen let me sit in her lap and tell her all my racing adventures.
I can’t wait to sit in your lap so we can ride off into the sunset together.

8/18/21 Update:  I finally got sprung from the vet clinic. Not that everyone there wasn’t awesome and gave me all kinds of love, but I was ready to spread my wings. 

I arrived at my foster home a few days ago. I’m loving it! There is a skin brother and fur sister. I like playing with them both. Although I do love my naps, I have plenty of energy for playtime! I am also an excellent one-block walker. 

Foster Mom says I sound like a lion growling when I’ve run around a lot. Not to worry though, I’m not a growler. It’s just my sexy Bulldog breathing. I am also a snorer, but who doesn’t love to be sung to sleep by a Bulldog? 

I have a cone on for the next week, but after that, I will be footloose and fancy free…. and free to find my furever home!

8/24/21 Update:  Sometimes you have to really think about whether the effort is worth the reward. I was so excited to get my cone off yesterday that I jumped and rolled and played until I was tuckered out. Then I remembered that I hadn’t jumped on the couch yet! You see, that was a little hard for me to do with the cone on. After all that play I had to give it some thought and summon my energy. 

Are you looking for a super cute, sweet, and thoughtful bulldog? If so, get your application in and we just might find that we’re a match!