Hudson is off to Oklahoma and a new and exciting life. Justin and Amanda adopted from LSBCR almost 7 years ago and they are just awesome parents. The bulldog they adopted was George and he just crossed the Rainbow Bridge last September at the age of 13.  They have another male bulldog named, Oscar who is 11 that they rescued from another group. Pebbles is a 17 year old terrier mix that is very attached to their daughter, who is a freshmen at OU. Their lives and schedules really revolve around the fur kids. They have been following Hudson’s development and communicating with his foster mom for several weeks while waiting for him to be old enough to be neutered and adopted.

They were looking for a bulldog who is active, playful, happy and that would fit with their current pack. Are they in for a surprise with a puppy like Hudson around the house! Hudson will be a perfect fit for them and will have many years to enjoy such a loving home.

Please welcome Hudson to our rescue family.  No one apparently wanted Hudson as a Christmas pup because he was older and bigger than the other 8-week-old babies that were for sale. So, he was kicked to curb and put on a “buy, sell, trade” website. Some Bulldog lovers decided his life was more valuable than that and worked to get him to safety. They then surrendered him to us. Please stay tuned for more info on this 3 1/2 month old. We know he has a life of love ahead of him!

1/24/17 Update:  I have had Hudson for a week now.  Last thing I needed in my house right now is a puppy.  I have enough chaos in my life!  But Hudson has been the best little puppy to foster.  For a puppy of his age, he is doing EXTREMELY well with his potty training.  He really is trying hard to go outside.  I am very proud of my little guy! Of course, we have lots of puppy shenanigans going on here. Typical baby….EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. You hear a lot of “No Hudson!  Hudson drop that!  Hudson, spit that out!  Hudson, give me that!!  Hudson, DON’T EAT THAT!!!!!”

Hudson does wonderfully in his crate.  He loves it!  He is my second toy hoarding foster in a row!  He grabs a toy and immediately runs to his crate so no one will take it from him.  He is also very fond of my slippers.  At least when they go missing, I know where to look.  They are always in his crate! The only time Hudson ever really has a puppy tantrum is when his bowl is empty.  Hudson is always hungry!  He just can’t get enough to eat.  He gobbles down his food and when the bowl is empty, he proceeds to start slamming it around!  It is a huge tantrum!!! He eats 3 regular meals a day, and two snacks in between.

Hudson is quite the scrapper.  He can give just as much as he gets.  He and Piglet are having high times playing bulldog games.  She is more weighs more than twice as much as he does and she will beat him up when he tries to take a toy from her.  He’s a tough guy!  He comes right back at her with everything he’s got and nine times out of ten…HE WINS!  If being tough doesn’t get him what he wants, then he runs around her at full speed until she is distracted enough he can get it! Hudson loves to run and play.  He has the need for speed!!!  He will need a nice back yard to accommodate his zoomies which he has quite often.  Apartment living is not for him.  He needs room to ZOOM!!!!!

Hudson is perfect in every way.  His brindle is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  He is healthy, happy and a whole lot of fun!  He loves to make everyone laugh!