Hudson Lynn

Hudson Lynn

Saturday morning little Hudson knew something was up.  Foster mom packed all his favorite things in a big bag and wrestled him through a bath.  Then off to the truck for a ride to meet his new family!   And the Lyon family from Kingwood were so excited to finally meet their little guy in person!  New fur sister, Maggie, would have the deciding vote…..and after she had a conversation about just who was going to be the boss, she approved!  Hudson totally adored her and his new family.  He jumped right in their SUV like he had always been doing it and settled in next to Maggie for the trip home.  New skin sister, Raygan, had the pleasure of riding home with both of them in the backseat.  LOL!  The party continued once they got home.  A yard, a doggie door, a fur sister who loves playing with me, sleeping in the bed with mom and dad!  Could things be any more perfect?!   Yes!  I found out I have two skin sisters!!!  Jackpot!!!!   All I can say is that this adoption could not have been more perfect!  Thank you to Denee, Beau, Raygan, Alyssa and little Maggie for welcoming our baby boy to his new home and giving him the life he always dreamed of!  We love you little Hudson!  Happiest of trails to you sweet boy!

Hello all you bulldog puppy lovers it’s me Hudson and my brother Henry! No sad stories for us, we just decided that we wanted a family that was active, and patient. We need a family who has a love for the bulldog puppy that might me just a little bit naughty, have a deep desire to chew and a family that understands we love to be carried and walking on a leash today is simply out of the question!  We have checked into the vet clinic and Dr. Larsen believes at the age of 5 months we are just about perfection!  We sat in her lap, chewed on her ears and we believe we are going to be just perfect teaching Dr. Larsen all she needs to know about corralling 2 bulldog puppies!

9/30/19 Update: It finally rained at our house… it rained puppies! Mr. Hudson Lynn and Mr. Henry Davis are in the house and boy, are they cute. I am not really sure how all this transpired, but somehow after a med pick up for Mabel at Puckett’s, Brian and I are fostering puppies. Good lord! They are as sweet as pie and total little stinkers! Good thing our bathroom is in state of permanent transition (please do not judge! 😁) and was available. All other rooms at the inn are full! Toys, blankets, towels, bowls and chew bones were added to the room and now it is officially Puppy Land.

We only have had them for one night, but they are absolutely adorable and 100% puppy mischief. Ask Brian about his Margaritaville flip flops and his toilet paper! LOL!

They are doing good going potty, but have a ways to go on that… I did not get up fast enough at 3:30 a.m. when I heard them stirring to get them outside, so they left me presents to pick up and clean up. I still felt victorious, as I did not have two poop-covered puppies to wash this morning!

You cannot give them a bowl of water without them drinking the entire thing all at once. YIKES! And, they eat by switching bowls every 20 seconds. If you try to put them back at their own bowl, they get confused. I will try to get a video for your viewing enjoyment soon.

Henry is still on eye meds after his cherry eye procedure, but Hudson is all good. He is a goofball and makes the funniest faces! If you have seen the “doggie denture” commercial, he could totally star in it!

Henry has a home already, so this duo will only be together for a week or less. I know they will make the most of it! Stay tuned for more adventures. How on earth do you not fall in love with these faces? OMG!

10/3/19 Update:  Little Hudson is learning how to tackle life without his brother Henry, who has left for his forever family. Bless his heart – he moped and looked for him the first nigh, but Monday was a new day and he was determined to win over the other Bulldogs in the house. While they all tolerate him, no one but Harley the Pug will actually play with him. But it’s a good start! He has decided to play by himself, picked out a bed and stays busy filling it with all of alumnus Kingman’s toys. When Hudson leaves his bed, King takes them all back. This goes on all day! Good times.

He is a sweet, affectionate little guy with a goofy sense of humor and wonder.He will chew anything in his path, so if he is quiet, you better find him fast! 😉 He loves to chase the cats and so far, they are letting him, and trust me, they need the exercise!

He is doing well with learning to potty outside, despite the fact that we both work all day. He sleeps all night and is ready to head outside each morning. He is smart and willing to learn. He would love a home with older kids that understand he can be nippy and jumpy when he gets overexcited. He just wants someone to play with him at all times! He loves the other dogs, our neighbors and just about everything else. He likes to be outside, but not necessarily on the leash, unless there is another dog(s) with him. He truly likes companionship. He is a good, good puppy and a total joy to foster. He will make the right family so very happy!