Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis

Foster Mom took me to meet these really nice people yesterday. The man got on the floor and I walked over to him, gently leaned on him, put my head on his shoulder, and that was that. He gave me a hug and said I was the one! Me and all my fluffiness have my very own family! They came back tonight so I packed my things and headed off in the sunset.

I am Huey Lewis with the news!  I’ve joined rescue. I am only 18 months old and I can tell you in me the heart of rock’n roll is still beating. I love to shake and move all over the place.

My family had struggled for months with the decision. They had changed jobs and were out of town a lot. I was spending more time with the sitter than them. I needed more exercise, and training and attention than they could give. So they bid a tearful goodbye so I could find a family who could give me all the time I deserve.

I am a beautiful solid white. I have had some allergy issues this year so my vet gave me some pills to take which have helped a lot. I love to run, and sometimes jump up on you. I have been told that is not good for small humans, so I am working on it. I am house trained and leash trained. I know how to sit and shake. And I love being around cats.

So I cannot wait to meet my new forever family. Could you be the perfect match for a young and active boy like me?

6/22/19 Update:  It’s Huey Lewis, or as Foster Mom calls me, just Huey checking in to say hi. I had a blast Saturday meeting all those people at Courtesy Nissan. I just love people! I made it to Mays Manor and have settled in nicely. All the other fur siblings have welcomed me with open paws! I’m a very friendly fella, so it made me extremely happy that everyone liked me.

I learned my place real quick with the females and the resident king. I am very thankful that I have plenty of pals to play with. Foster Mom rotates them for me because they wear out a little faster than I do. I am a very playful puppy and I’m built like the Energizer Bunny. Speaking of bunny, Foster Mom says I am the softest, fluffiest Bulldog she has ever seen. Yes, you heard that right. I feel just like one of those fluffy Easter bunnies! She just can’t help loving on me and I do not mind!

I will tell you that Foster Mom always has a water bottle handy and I don’t like it. If I hear no, I know that the stream of water is on its way. So I’m learning pretty quick to stop when I hear that word.

I know it looks like I’m being mistreated, being stuck behind bars with no fluffy bed, but I like to eat the bed instead of the toys provided at this time. Foster Mom says it’s for my own safety that I am in lock down while she is away but I do not mind, I go right in with a treat!

If you are in the market for a loveable, fluffy and dang near perfect Bulldog, put in that application now and maybe you’ll get matched to me! Foster Mom says I won’t last long.