Isabella (now June Carter Cash)

Isabella (now June Carter Cash)

Hi guys. Just checking in to let you know my good news! Last weekend I met this guy. His name is Johnny Cash. He lives with his Mom and Dad. We hung out for a while and you know what? I kinda like him.

This week I decided I wanted to go live with Johnny Cash and change my name to June Carter Cash.

My new mom and dad are perfect for me. They will let me snuggle with them as much as I want (which is all the time by the way). As soon as I saw them get out of the car today I ran to them because I knew they were here for me.

Will send you updates of my new life when Johnny and I aren’t out touring.

Johnny and June together forever ❤️

Poor Isabella was dumped at a local shelter today… a VERY pregnant Isabella. Thankfully, our volunteer Darren was able to drop everything to get her to safety. We thought we could transport her to Dr. Larsen in the morning, but then our volunteers noticed she had a green discharge. They immediately raced her to the emergency vet and she’s currently being prepped for a C-section. Initial scans show as many as 9 babies, but we’re not certain if they’re alive. Please keep Isabella, her pups and our volunteers, Darren and Traci, in your thoughts and prayers… this one in a nail-biter, and we’re all pacing the floors.

3/14/20 Update:  Here’s the latest as of 1:30 a.m.: Isabella made it through surgery, but still has the breathing tube in until she is more alert. There are TEN babies~ all alive at this point and no visual defects. Her uterus was at max and tore a little during surgery, so she is now spayed.

Our volunteer Darren is scheduled to pick up Isabella and the pups from the emergency vet this morning and get them transported to Dr. Larsen. Please continue to keep the family in your thoughts. Newborn Bulldogs can be fragile, so we need all the good vibes we can get. We’ll post more updates as we can. Thank you for helping us to give Isabella the care she desperately needs!

3/15/20 Update:   We are heartbroken to share that we have lost eight of Isabellla’s 10 puppies. We now have two – a boy and a girl. Please forgive us if we go dark for a bit or if you don’t receive an immediate response. Yesterday rattled us to our core and we are all hurting…. very much.

3/16/20 Update:  A few days back, we introduced you to Isabella, who was dropped at a local shelter and ready to give birth. Thankfully, we saved her in time and with an emergency C-section, she welcomed 10 babies into the world. Eight of the babies have since passed away, but we are still holding out hope for Forrest Gump (black; 10 ounces) and Jenny (brindle; 8 ounces). They are both being tube fed every two hours and are not out of the woods. Please keep these little warriors in your thoughts, as we are doing all we can to ensure they pull through. Isabella, on the other hand, is doing great. She’s an active, happy girl! Many thanks to all of you who generously helped us to provide care to this family. We are so grateful to have supporters like YOU.

3/25/20 Update:  Sweet Isabella moved into her foster home yesterday and this girl is the sweetest little snuggler we have met. Foster mom is working from home this week so Isabella loves the extra attention. She will lay by me all day. She is so calm and timid, but I can already see her starting to come out of her shell.

Isabella loves to be around her people. She is never more than a few feet away from us and can be a little vocal when left by herself, but she does calm down pretty quickly.

We are currently working on putting a little more meat on her bones but apart from that, she is just the perfect little angel.