Izzy Mae

Izzy Mae

Izzy Mae and her polka dot ears found her Happily Ever After! Izzy’s new mom, Gina, loved her from afar, while waiting on their meet and greet. When she finally met her, she knew it was true love. With tears in her eyes, she asked, “Will you live with me forever, little Polka-Dot-Eared Girl?” Izzy jumped in her lap, gave her a great big kiss and that was that. Izzy Mae will live a very spoiled, loving life. She even helped her mama navigate all the way home to Austin, making sure she didn’t miss a thing on her way to her Happily Ever After!

Who knew a bath could be so much fun? If I had a job, I would be a firefighter….I love the hose! I was already able to show my manners and can’t wait to show you too. I’m on my way to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap and to give her some kisses. I’m ready to get pampered. I was told that I soon would be finding the perfect family. I can’t wait to show you how perfect I am. See you soon!

10/1/19 Update:  Izzy Mae left the vet clinic yesterday and immediately made herself right at home, helping her new foster ma with work. So far, this pint-size Bulldog with polka dot ears is a sweetheart and wants nothing more than to be loved and right by my side. Stay tuned as we get to know this precious baby girl!

10/10/19 Update:  It’s me, cute polka-dot-ear Izzy Mae checking in with you! I heard that a lot of people like my polka dot ears, so I made sure Foster Ma took some good pics to show everyone. I’m doing really good in my foster home and I love everyone here, especially my new foster sis, Ginger Rogers. She’s my best friend! She plays with me and lets me lick her face and we just love to bother the horses together. They just ignore us, but we keep trying anyway.

Foster Ma wanted me to tell you that I’m not messing in my crate anymore. She said that would make you all very happy. I’m also trying to gain a little weight and that makes me really happy! So, if anybody’s looking for some polka-dot-ears, I may be the girl for you!