A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a brindle bulldog named Jedi didn’t have the best life. Some long-term neglect led to Jedi having some skin issues, and he rarely got to spend time on grass, as he was initially hesitant to do his business there.

But then, Jedi hopped in his Millennium Falcon (after his owner surrendered him), and soared into rescue. Since then, Jedi has been making huge strides. Despite his age of 8, Jedi is a quick learner. His foster dad says he has made significant progress in training in a short amount of time – he is better at going to the bathroom, listening, and wielding a light-sabre.

Jedi has a few medical issues, but they seem to be improving as he spends more time in rescue. He has skin issues that require daily baths, but Jedi’s foster dad says these issues are not caused by a chronic condition, but rather by neglect.

Living up to his name, Jedi is a true keeper of the peace and gets along great with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, including the two bulldogs and one pug in his foster home. He has not been exposed to cats or children, but because of his size and enthusiastic temperament, he may not be best for a house with small children – his foster dad does not think he is aggressive at all, but he may accidentally knock over a child that is too small.

There’s really a lot to love about Jedi. He is house-trained, crate-trained, and leash-trained. He is affectionate, and just wants your love and attention (he has a cute habit of snorting when he wants more of it). He is active and energetic. He is a friend of Chewbacca, once destroyed Darth Vader’s Death Star in his free time, and has mastered use of “The Force.”

His foster dad writes: “Jedi has a great personality. He is a total people pleaser. Even having suffered from neglect, all he wants to do is be by my side. His first night he was very restless, constantly walking around, unable to relax or lay down. Once I told him it was ok, to come on the couch, he jumped up beside me, plopped his head in my lap and that is where he stayed the rest of the night. Now, as soon as I sit down on the couch, his head is in my lap.”

Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things…well, this Jedi does and he is secretly hoping to be the newest member of your family. If you want to say “Jedi, I AM your father (or mother),” fill out an application!