Jenny Grace

Jenny Grace

I will be the first one to admit: I thought Jenny Grace would be in rescue for a really long time. 

After all, she was not the typical looking Bulldog. Her cropped ears were covered in black knots, which made her appearance undesirable to most.  

Those same types of knots were hanging off her back legs. These growths were from chronic neglect and trauma. Living on a hard or rough surface would cause her legs to have these growths ~ her body developed these to protect soft tissue.  

What in the world was her life like before rescue, when she was picked up wandering about in the heat of summer?

Jenny’s story in no different than a lot of Bulldogs who join rescue. She was abused, neglected and just needed a miracle.

Enter Crossland and Blake. They are Jenny’s miracle. 

Crossland is no stranger to Bulldogs.  Crossland adopted Penelope in 2000 from Denton Animal Services. Then Crossland joined rescue and started adopting from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. In 2009, Crossland adopted Mojo and then Tubbs in 2012. 

In 2014, Crossland met Blake, which started his love affair with Bulldogs. 

In 2016, they adopted Buddy. Bear was adopted in 2018 and Stewie was adopted in 2019. 

They fostered “failed” with Darla in 2021 and now Jenny Grace in 2022.   

Today, Bear, Stewie, Tubbs and Jenny Grace call Celina their home, And what a fabulous home it is.  

It was love at first sight when Blake saw Jenny Grace. What Blake saw was a beautiful soul who he was never going to let go. And Jenny was right where she wanted to be, in a home where she will be forever loved.  

On Valentine’s Day, Jenny Grace became an official member of the family and this was the happiest day of her life: her adoption day!

Hello all you bulldogs lovers, it’s me Jenny Grace, and I have joined rescue. And just this week I have seen several miracles.  The first miracle was when a local animal control picked me up. I was out in the heat walking down the street. Second miracle was when LSBCR saw my picture and asked if they could tag me for rescue. Third miracle was when my family did not come for me. Every day, as I sat in the shelter, I prayed that I never had to go back to the life I had been living. Next miracle was when a beautiful lady named Jennifer came and sat with me in the shelter and told me I was beautiful. Those are words I never heard. In fact with my ears cropped and in bad shape it makes hearing almost impossible. 

I have growths on the back of both legs and I was covered in fleas. Most people looked at me and acted afraid. Why someone wanted to cut my ears off I will never understand. Not only was it painful, it makes me look mean and I am far from being mean. I have growths on both of my back legs and no clue why. In one picture you can see a piece of newspaper is attached. It is attached to the growth like glue!  

Yesterday when it was my turn to leave the shelter and join rescue I had the most amazing lady pick me up and kiss my face. Jennifer again told me I was beautiful and that she was going to pay all of my vet bills. Jennifer told me that I would be like a new lady after I have some surgeries. Jennifer is going to make sure everyone would know how sweet I am.  Jennifer also said she had some hats I can wear so people won’t stare at my ears. With some elastic I should be able to keep one on my head.

I really don’t remember how old I am. I have had puppies for sure. Best guess is I am 4-5.  

Well that is really all about me for now. I believe in miracles and I believe there are angels among us. I have seen them both.  Love Jenny Grace

9/13/21 Update:  The lab results for Jenny Grace are in and, as usual, there is good news and bad. 

The good news is she has no parasites and is negative for heartworms. Her white blood cell count is very elevated and she is in the early stages of kidney insufficiency. Part of the kidney issue can be caused from being severely dehydrated. We will run labs again in a few weeks.

She will be placed on antibiotics and a special kidney formula diet. Her incision from a spay done prior to her arrival is infected, as are her ears. She has numerous tumors that need to be removed, but Dr. Larsen will wait a few weeks for that surgery. Her infections need to clear up and we need to be sure her kidneys are working properly first. 

Of additional concern are her ears. Unfortunately, some heartless tool cropped them and now the scar tissue is infected. There also appears to be fly strike around the ears’ edges. Dr. Larsen will need to remove additional tissue to get down to healthy skin. One ear may have to be almost totally removed. 

But even with all this going on, Jenny Grace still loves everyone and everything. She has a special spot for babies. She loves Dr. Larsen’s lap and would stay there all day if she could. If you are looking for a sweet spirited girl, a good patient who loves laps, cuddles and babies, Jenny Grace may be your gal.

11/4/21 Update:  I would like to introduce myself.  I’m Jenny Grace and I am one sweet, loving bulldog.   Don’t let my cropped ears fool you …. I am not tough. I am a lover, not a fighter. They just give me character. Foster mom loves me already and I can’t get enough attention.  That includes other things with fur. That’s right- I would love a fur brother or sister!!!   Especially one that will play with me. I love to play!

I am also great on a leash. Foster mom and dad are having trouble finding issues with me. I’ve only been here a week, but all reports are positive. Just feast your eyes on my beauty and my ears, which remember, give me character! I’m here and I am ready to love you!!! 

12/3/21 Update:  Jenny Grace made a surprise trip to Indiana with foster ma and pops for Thanksgiving! 

That’s 14 hours in a car and she was a dream. She slept most of the way and provided some white noise with her gentle snoring.

It was a good test for her because there were two other dogs in the house, plus six new people and we wanted to see how she would do. It was a rousing success!

Jenny loves all things fur and people. She could not get enough of either. She really took to my niece and watched her every move, just waiting for her to make a lap so she could get right in it.

She is respectful of other dogs’ lack of desire to play for her. She will keep trying, but if the other dog makes it clear they don’t want to, she does respect that.

Jenny is still working on potty training, but she wants so much to be loved that I am sure she’ll pick it up. Foster ma and pops need to be a bit more diligent, I think.

1/7/22 Update:  I know you haven’t seen much of me recently. I’ve been put in “quarantine” to rest up because I overdid it a bit over the holidays. I just love playing with my fur brother so much, I didn’t realize that I had limitations. I’m sure after I relax a bit, I’ll be well on my way to report new adventures.