Jesse (Now Lady)

Jesse (Now Lady)

Jesse (now Lady) has been adopted!

Lady made a big impression on her new family when they came to meet her yesterday because today Lady packed her bags and loaded them into their car en route back to Austin.  Her furever family will consist of a mum, a dad, and an 8-year-old bulldog named Mr. Frank.  After describing Lady’s personality to her (then future) family, they decided Lady sounded just like Mr. Frank.  When the two met, there were sniffs all around.  Mr. Frank seemed to reserve judgment, but I think everyone agreed he kind of liked Lady.  Lady will have him eating out of her big paw in no time.  I just know it.

In spite of her state when she entered rescue, Lady was one of the happiest fosters I’ve ever had.  She was laid back, never asked for more than some loving, lived life for mealtimes, and became my other foster’s best friend.  So I’m super happy to see this little girl find such a lovely couple who just happen to also have, on top of everything else, another bulldog for Lady to become best friends with.  Happy tails, Lady!  You’re getting the life I’d hoped you would.

Please welcome Jesse to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She writes: My name is Jesse now. Before, I never really had a name… just a number, a tag I wore around my neck. My tag did not define me. My tag was a way of identifying me and my life. Two weeks ago, I had a litter of Bulldog babies ~ seven babies in all, babies I will never know, babies I will never see again… babies that went to the Rainbow Bridge. My life of having babies has taken a toll on me. My nipples are big ~ the size of a quarter ~ and my babies could not open their mouths wide enough to nurse. So one by one, they died. Now I feel numb. I hurt. I am leaking milk. I have a fever. I feel sick. And I was longer needed in the breeding program.

Friday was my freedom day. I left. I saw Bonnie Raitt leaving and I left too. I ran fast and I ran hard. I did not want anyone to see me run for fear they would stop me. But, I guess they were glad I was going. On Aug. 11, 2017 at 12:05, I found freedom. My name is Jesse now. I sit perfectly still. I will not look you in the eyes. I will run from you. But, I am a survivor and not everyone is.

9/11/17 Update:   I’m new to rescue, and I just moved into my foster home today. I have so much to discover and a furmate to boot! I wanted to quickly introduce myself before I got too immersed in discovering my new digs. I’m so glad to be here and out of that place where all I got to do was make babies. I loved my pups, but there’s more to life than that for a Jesse. Here are a couple of photos of me on my first day in my foster home. Foster mum thinks my ears are two of my best features. Aren’t I pretty? Well, gotta go sniff my furmate. You’ll be hearing more about me, so stay tuned.

9/17/17 Update:  Jessie here! I’m a bundle of love and a dog-friendly little girl. Foster mum says so. I’ve really taken to my housemate, fellow foster Nate. I’d love to play with him were he inclined. He’s not, but that’s ok. We’re chill buddies instead. See the photo of me and him together? Two peas in a pod. I like to lay near him.

Foster mum tells me I have good manners. I stay off the furniture and don’t jump on people or chew up things I’m not supposed to. Except I do have the occasional wee in the house. But be patient, and I bet I can learn! I enjoy my walks, but I’d definitely like early morning ones when it’s not so hot! Ugh. I’m not much into playing with toys, but I love, love, love to be near my human. That’s the best thing in the world. I have one teeny, tiny vice: I like to sing. When the neighbor doggies sing, I like to join in and sing the chorus. Foster mum doesn’t call it singing…something called barking. Eh. What does she know. Anyway, I’m a beautiful, loving little bully who wants your love. Please come and see me and give me a chance.

9/25/17 Update:  I’ve been in my foster home a couple of weeks, and I’ve adjusted really well. Now that I’m a little more settled, I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit more about me. The most important thing to take away is that I love life, and I’m going to make the best of it no matter what it throws my way. Even after all the sadness I’ve known, I’ve always believed in tomorrow. Give me lemons, and I’ll make lemonade. That’s who Jesse is. A happy girl with a huge smile. See me beaming at the camera in my photo? Foster mum says I’m one of the happiest dogs she’s fostered.

I adore other dogs and am best buds with my housemate Nadar (foster boy Nate). I’ve seen him quickly steal away the chew toy when he’s sees me coming, but that’s OK. I pretend like I don’t notice. After all, there are so many others in the house. Oops, just now I decided to stick my bum in his face. Why did I do that? I’m a silly Jesse! A bit of a clown sometimes, I suppose. (But I told you he steals away the chew toys, didn’t I?! Snort snort! 🙃) I’m also really enthusiastic when foster mum is on the move. I like to jump around and come charging from behind. She says I’m like a freight train and that, even though I’m round, when I want to move, I can MOVE! I noticed that, too. I’m much faster than my housemate, who doesn’t get in a hurry for much. What’s more to know? I love to be close to people and would rather not be left alone. I love life and all, but when foster mum has to leave, it makes me sad, even though I know she won’t be gone for long. I don’t cry or bark or anything, but I’ll quietly lay down and mope. I just want to be close to my people. You know?

There’s more to share about me, but that’s all I can think of for now. I’m so excited about the future and can’t wait for my new life to begin. I like it here, but foster mum told me that life has even better in store for me. In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait and enjoy everything life has to offer in the here and now.