I have some good and bad news. People always ask which one you should say first, but I always choose the bad news. That way, everything is up from there!

So, bad news… I am sorry to all of you who wanted me. Like I kept warning you, I was not going to last! I got adopted!

Now to the good, no wait… GREAT NEWS! The family that got me is the best! My new family includes a dad, mom, and a fur brother, Angus! I thought life with foster dad was the best, but don’t tell him, this new place is the bomb!
I have a huge back yard, toys to play with, and a new bed. Well, not really new. I stole it from Angus, but he seems to have taken to my old bed just fine. And, get this: my new mom even took me for a jog. I tried that with foster dad, but after 15 steps, he was panting so hard I thought he was going to die!

I really want to thank the rescue! I have met the most amazing people and they have taken such good care of me. I know those stinky cats have nine lives, but I am so thankful to have two. And I know this second one will make forget all about my first!

I grew up having lots of babies. They were all taken away, only for more babies to come. I grew big, so having babies was easier for me than some bullies. After a while my owner (note I did not say ‘dad’) didn’t need or want me, or any puppies, anymore. That’s when some of the really bad stuff happened.

My sister and I were left to live outside. It was so hot and we didn’t get much food. The scaring around my neck was from a collar, which was embedded because it was too small. I don’t like to talk about all the bad stuff that happened to me during that time. The other bite marks, open wounds and scars tell enough of that story. But things turned around when we were surrendered at a shelter.

My sister got picked up by a rescue right away, while I had to stay back. The shelter got me started on medication to help me not hurt so much. There were lots of people interested in me, but when they saw my injuries, they all passed. Until, there wasn’t any time left… That’s when my sister Lainie called to say that the rescue that took her in would come get me too. I was so happy! So that’s a little about me and how I got here, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

I have a bit of a road ahead of me, but I know I’m in the right hands. Hopefully, I can get better and find a forever family that will love and care for me. I promise I’m a good sweet girl and will be so thankful.

10/8/19 Update:  Jolene is a true example of what LOVE and CARE can do!  Jolene came to us from a shelter. She had been a mom many times until that job was over. Then we’re told it was out to the back yard for her. Food was only when someone remembered to throw a little out from time to time. Her owner didn’t take the time to notice that she was no longer a puppy and that she had outgrown her puppy collar years ago. Now it was embedded in her neck. She has scars on her head and body, as if she was hit with something or kicked. She was a sad and broken girl.

Dr. Larsen removed the embedded collar and started her on medications to start healing the physical damage, but the emotional damage? We would have to wait and see.

Well, we waited and what we found was an incredible girl inside that beaten and broken body.

Jolene is about 4 years old. She’s not your short, flat nose, round, fat, dog food commercial Bulldog. She’s a big girl, with long legs. Her two favorite things in this world are running around the yard and Herman. Herman is a Bulldog at the clinic that has become her best friend.

When Jolene runs, it’s like someone just set her free. She runs with a smile on her face the entire time. She LOVES PEOPLE. I don’t know how, but she does. She’s good with dogs. She’s great on a leash. She doesn’t ask or expect a lot of attention because she’s never had any, but boy, does she love it when she gets it!

Jolene’s would be great for someone who just wants to love a Bulldog who’s never been loved. Someone who will give her a home where she is always fed and never beaten… someone who just wants to watch her run!

I will watch you run and love you until your family comes, Jolene.

10/12/19 Update:   Awww! Big happy tears! This girl is just the sweetest! She has so much love to give. She was so sweet this past weekend at Bulldog Barktoberfest, loving on the kids, people, other dogs. She was perfect about outside potty breaks, just an angel. Here are a few pics I took at the event.

12/19/19 Update:  I am really liking my life in my foster home! I miss my buddy Herman at the vet clinic, but foster dad and I have become fast friends. I love being around him, whether it be watching TV or sleeping on my cushion next to his bed, I am always by his side. Going on our nightly walks are my favorite though. The cold weather sucks, but our time together is my favorite part of every day.

That being said, I’d love to find my forever home and family. I really need a place I can run, as I love to exercise! I am also chill. Watching TV is my new favorite, and football? I’m going to cry when the season is over.

Also, did I tell you how good I am? From sitting next to my bowl before I eat to being house trained, I am the whole package, if I say so myself.

If you are wanting a Bulldog and would love a lady who will love you with her whole heart, I may be the one for you. Don’t let this opportunity pass! Dolly Parton had it right… I could have any man, and woman, I want, but I am sure I would want you!

12/28/19 Update:  Christmas has come and gone, which I hope, means more time for people to see me and hopefully, adopt me. Not to complain… life is pretty good, but a forever home would be great!

Since I last wrote, I have become a couch potato. I love watching football on Sundays with foster dad but from his yelling at the screen, that might be over soon. I am still enjoying my nightly walks. The streets of Dallas are great for people watching! Oh, almost forgot: I have reclaimed my spot as a lap dog!

Well, I am going to get back to some tv.  Talk to you soon!

1/6/20 Update:  So we had an annual celebration a couple days ago. From what I understand, we are all happy because the earth went around the sun again. I personally think it’s just a reason to party like a rock star, which I fully embrace!

I am still looking for a forever home, but until then, I am just chilling. I love being around foster dad. He calls me his little magnet because I am stuck to him. If he goes to the kitchen or anywhere, I am there.

Well, I am going to take a nap. Those celebrations are exhausting. Here is wishing you all a happy 2020!

1/15/20 Update:  Things are good here. I hope the same for all of you. It’s been a little chilly the last few nights, and I have found them great for napping and cuddling. I did come to a conclusion the other day….Rain is for the cats, not great dogs, like myself. Foster Dad opened the door for me to take care of business, and when I felt rain drops, I came rushing back in. Good thing I live in Texas and not Seattle!

Oh, by the way, I am still looking through the applications to find my forever home. It’s not too late to submit yours, but like great wine, I am not going to last long. Well, I am going back to reading applications and watching some football. Can’t wait to read yours!