Journey Jewel

Journey Jewel

Miss Journey would like to announce that she is now a permanent resident of the city of Houston. Journey woke up early and took a nice long relaxing bath while foster mom packed her bags. Then her dad and new fur brother arrived to pick her up in her chariot, take her back home and meet her new mum and skin brother.

Good luck on your “journey” sweet girl. You will be missed in your foster home, but we are so happy for you.

True story: I used to be a cowgirl. But there was an accident and I had to hang up my hat, rope and boots and leave that world behind.

Some of you might be doubting my story, but cross my heart, it really happened.

I lived on a ranch with stuff other than dogs, like livestock. Yep, it was a working ranch and it did not take me long to figure out that not all animals love a Bulldog. I thought they did and I thought my job was to round up the horses. Let’s just say there was a horse there that did not want to be rounded up by me. He kicked my rump and sent me flying through the air, almost across the pond. I landed hard on my rump and it’s taken me about a year to recover. I mean, I walk just fine and can run like the wind, but one back leg turns in a little and I have to take medication for my joints. Other than that, I am fabulous!

I would sit at the window and wished I could round the horses up just one more time, but I now know 1,700 lbs of horse is much stronger that 50 lbs of me.

So, I did what I thought was best for me and I left the ranch. I joined rescue and now all I want to do is find a family that loves me and understands farm living is really not the life for me.

7/1/19 Update:  After a few nips and tucks at the vet, I finally moved into my foster home. So far, my foster parents say I am the perfect houseguest. I know where to go potty, I know how to use the doggy door, I go in my kennel when I’m told to with no complaints and I like snuggles on the couch.

I am getting along great with my foster sister, even though she has way more energy than I do. We play and then I tell her I’ve had enough. She sometimes gets the hint. Anyway, time for a nap so I will update everyone more later.

7/10/19 Update: Saturday mornings for Journey include:  Snuggles with foster ma. Watching foster ma make doggy breakfast. Belly rubs. Peeking out the doggy door. A quick play. Finding random spots to take a nap.