Yesterday was a beautiful day for an adoption! 

Jubilee woke up and could tell something special was about to happen. She packed her bags and left her foster home for an amazing forever home! 

Her new home comes with a nice yard, two dog sisters, a cat who thinks she’s a dog, and a loving mama who can’t wait for snuggles on the couch. 

Jubi’s mom picked her up and brought her a new harness, leash, headband, Lamb Chop toy and wobble ball. We are so happy for Jubilee!

Hello bulldog friends it’s me Jubilee joining rescue! I named myself Jubilee because I thought it was a great name for me. Jubilee—a special event, something great happening, a reason to celebrate!  Everything I always dreamed about had happened to me. I was leaving my old life behind and I was getting to start all over.  

Let me just tell you, I had the sweetest Mom. My Mom had always wanted a bulldog and she found me on Craigslist for $500.00. She was so excited. We met in a parking lot and my Mom quickly realized the person selling me might not be exactly truthful about where I had been living. In her vehicle were a lot of other dogs being sold and all of them had been used for breeding. All I cared about was she was taking me. So, she loaded me up and off we went.  

But I had my challenges. For one, I don’t have any teeth. That’s right all of them are ground down to my gums. Staying in a crate the boredom gets to you and you just chew on anything chewable. Second,  where is the bathroom? To me it is any place.

Third, walking on grass? Nah, I don’t really like that either. Fourth, please whisper because I am terrified of loud noises. Fifth, please don’t drop anything because I will be so scared, I am going to run and hide, and it is going to take a while to find me. I could go on, but you probably understand. And my new Mom had a small child and it just got overwhelming. Small kids love to run and play, make a lot of noise and just be kids.  

My new Mom knew in her heart I was not happy. So, she contacted rescue and the kindest lady picked me up and I rode shotgun all the way to her house. My new friend Wendy told me I was beautiful. She kissed me on my head, and she told me she loved me. So here I am, Miss Jubilee joining rescue and I must say “I think this is the best place for me!”

7/13/21 Update:  We found out today that Jubilee tested positive for heart worms and will have to undergo treatment.

10/6/21 Update:  It has been a fun week with Ms. Jubilee! When we first met her, she was so timid and was not a fan of walking on a leash or loud noises. With two kids and two dogs in our home, I worried about how sweet Jubilee would react – we are anything but quiet. 

Her first full day was spent sleeping or sitting in a corner. She was not a fan of going outside. Over the next few days, she slowly started to get curious about life outside the crate. 

She welcomes pets and and has started following us around when we go into a different room. 

With cooler weather making an appearance, I left the dog door open this morning and sure enough, she watched the resident dogs use the door and decided she’d try it out, too. She’s a smart girl. We are working on potty training and walking (not just sitting) on a leash. She’s good with the kids and the dogs. 

Her newest favorite spot in the house, since realizing she doesn’t have to stay in the crate, is next to a “rocking lamb” – my guess is because it’s about her size and is super quiet. 

She can’t jump to get on the couch, but she tries at night. I didn’t realize dogs could be night owls, but Jubilee is. Shortly after dinner,  Jubilee will scoot and hop around looking for as much attention as she can get. When she is up on the couch, she becomes the happiest lapdog. We can’t wait to see what this next week brings for Jubilee!

10/12/21 Update:  Sweet Jubilee had a wonderful week. Every day, she makes just a little more effort to get out of her comfort zone. If you remember, when she first came to our foster home, she only wanted to be in the crate or the corner. Not anymore! She has figured out that dog beds and the couch are much more comfortable than the floor. 

Jubilee will chew on a bone occasionally, follow the other dogs around the house, and run (yes, you read that right – RUN!) toward anyone willing to give her pets. 

We are still working on potty training and walking on a leash. She doesn’t rush the front door when guests come over and she’s not a jumper… woohoo!

Jubilee had a bath this week. While she was not a fan of being in the tub, she was patient while being scrubbed down and loved being dried off. Her sweet smile comes out a lot more now and we absolutely love it!

10/20/21 Update:  We had a little set back with Jubilee last week. On Wednesday evening she had a small seizure. Dr. Larsen let us know that there could be a few reasons this happened so we are going to start her on some immune support supplements and continue to monitor her. She took a few days of self mandated rest before getting back to her wiggle bottom self. Jubi hops around like a frog when it’s dinner time and she tries to help with the dishes when she’s finished eating. We continue to work on potty training and have found a soft toy that she likes to carry around.

10/25/21 Update:  Great news from Jubi – after careful observation we caught Jubilee having one of her “seizures”. Turns out she’s not seizing, but inhaling her food or water a little too quickly which causes her to fall over and kick around. The solution is simple – raise her food and water bowls. Doing this has been effective so far.

Jubilee has enjoyed sunbathing in the cooler weather and when it’s too warm to sunbathe on the patio she follows the sunlight inside. She’s doing better at walking on the grass in the backyard and we continue to work on potty training. Jubi chooses not to spend her days in the crate anymore, now she naps just outside of it.

Keep your fingers crossed, Jubilee has a meeting with a potential adopter this weekend.