Julius B.

Julius B.

It’s Julius B., checking out of rescue and heading home. It was fun and amazing while it lasted, but at age 9, rescue was just not for me.

I will be the first to say I am glad to be going home. I mean, my foster mom was great… I had all my needs met and then some. But every week, my foster mom would say, “Julius, if you behave this week, I can tell everyone in rescue what a good boy you have been!” But you know what? Something would happen, I would get upset and I would be bad.

Fact of the matter is I’m 9. I had lost my dad and the only home I had ever known. And I wanted to go home.

I originally came to rescue because my dad had some challenges and I could not stay where he was living. With tears rolling down his checks, he did the only thing he could do and that was to place me in rescue. I had always heard that sometimes life is not fair, and I found that out first-hand.

From time-to-time, my dad and my foster mom talked and she would tell my dad that I could really be a challenge and that just made my dad cry harder. He knew I was too old and too set in my ways to ever change.

And like a dream come true, my dad soon moved into a place where I would be welcome. Now it was my turn to cry. I was going home and my dad and I were going to be together again. I licked my mom all over, and she cried.

My foster mom said, “Julius B., at age 9, you so deserve to have your dream to go back home come true.”

Well Happy 9th Birthday Week to me, Julius B.  That’s right on Sunday, August 11 I had a Birthday.  Even though my Dad was not with me I knew how much he loved me.  My Dad cried big tears when he told me good-bye and he said nothing that had happened was my fault.  I already knew that but he had to tell me “one more time” how sorry he was and what a good boy I had always been.  Everyone gets older,  and sometimes things change, and what should have been forever is not.  My Dad felt like he was not able to take care of me any longer and my 70lbs. was getting harder and harder to manage.  I did take one last vacation and visited with some friends, Foxy Roxy,  Lucy and Bernie Girl. We all were able to talk about life’s changes and how getting old did not mean it was the end, it was just another phase. Now I am all about walking not running,  napping some during the day, taking joint supplements and trying more fruits and vegetable and eating less cheese cake. Today I went to sit with Dr. Larsen and she giggled like a girl when she saw how sweet I was, how good I looked and how much I weighted.  But, Dr. Larsen was also able to realize I had great muscle tone, not a lot of fat. I have great looking fur and my teeth, well they looked like teeth.  I do worry that some people will not be interested in adopting me because I am 9,  but the way I see it, it took me 9 years to look this fabulous, and just because I am older don’t count me out. This Julius B. has a lot of life left for living.