This weekend has been great! On Saturday, I got to go meet this really nice family. They were so happy to meet me and didn’t even care that I stuck my whole face in the water bowl when they offered me a drink.

My foster parents took me home, but on the way, they said we are going to stop for fries to celebrate. I’m not sure if I have ever had fries before, but I really hope I get some more one day. They are delicious. 

Later that day, my foster parents told me that the nice family I met wanted me to go live with them. I was packing my bags before they even finished the sentence. 

My name is now Maggie. I have a fur brother named Stanley who is so cool. I also have a new mum, dad and lots of other family who will come and visit me all the time.

Who would have thought that when I left home to stroll around town, I would get lost and no one would come looking for me. But that’s just what happened. 

Animal control stopped, picked me up and told me that strolling around town in the heat of the day could be the death of me. 

I was happy for the lift and for the air conditioned ride. They assured me that as soon as my family realized I was gone, they would come get me. 

I waited and waited and waited. 

Every time the door opened, I popped my head up, thinking it was my family. 

Finally, as the days came and went, I realized no one was missing me at all, so rescue, here I am. 

This is where I call home…. at least, for now. I love it here. The food is fabulous, the Bulldogs love playing with me and I am learning to walk with my new harness and leash. Well, that’s a bit hard for me. I go one way and the lady goes the other way. But I am learning!

I’ll soon visit with Dr. Larsen, sit in her lap and let her tell me she loves me. My future is bright. I know I’ll be loved again and my life will be complete! 

7/9/22 Update:  June, aka ‘Miss June 2022,’ checking in to report she had a fabulous holiday weekend. June {Bug} has been a perfect houseguest. She is a shining star; a very good girl, through and through. We are so very lucky to have the opportunity to host her. Her future forever family will be veryyyy, veryyyy LUCKY!