Kane Brown

Kane Brown

Hi everyone it’s me Kane Brown. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this story but I was so excited and I forgot. 

Well to sum it all up foster Ma decided to adopt me. Yes you heard right I am officially adopted and I couldn’t be happier. As you know when I came to rescue I was skinny and very sick. Foster MA with the help of Doc Larsen and her staff helping got me back to good health. Well it worked I am now 52lbs and I love to play fetch and run around and be a puppy again. My favorite thing is to cuddle on the couch. I finally have a home with beds and a couch and all the love I want. 

So a big thank you to rescue for finding  me in time and to Doc Larsen and her staff. I am one happy pup. Stay tuned for pics in the future because Mama said something about a kiddie pool. Not sure what that is, but mama assured me I would love it. Until then, love and bully kisses.

Have you ever heard that song “Blessed & Free?” Well, a while back, I heard this song playing and I thought, “Man, that is a great song.”

I listened to more songs and thought, “I want to be like that guy singing.” So, I changed my name, I packed my bags, and I set out on the open road. 

It didn’t take long for the open road to get tough, but I kept my head up and my eyes open. I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but I was certain I didn’t want to go back to my old life. 

After meeting many people, I finally met the right people… the people who I was always meant to find: rescue!

My name is Kane Brown and I am blessed and free!

As long as my eyes still see…

As long as my heart still beats…

As long as I’m alive, I’m free.

1/25/22 Update:   Hi everyone it’s me Kane Brown. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to update everyone but I have been trying to get better. As y’all know when I came to rescue I was skin and bones. I had these nasty things called worms not the heartworm kind but the others. So I had medicine for that but that medicine kept me from pooping.

Let me tell you I was so happy to have a nice warm bed and there was even a couch I was allowed to get on. I was a very sick boy I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t drink. So foster mom didn’t sleep for days I think because she was keeping liquids in me through a syringe thingy. So with help of the clinic and they staff they helped foster so I could use the bathroom.  So I had to have couple enemas and after a day or so I finally got to use the bathroom. It was a relief but I still wasn’t eating anything solid just liquids through the syringe. 

So we called the clinic and next thing I know we headed to see Dr Larsen. After the exam and x-rays Doc said I had pneumonia. Not sure what that meant but I know I needed help. So they sent us home with this bag looking thing that had liquid in it and foster mom called it an IV. So she put that under my skin, and believe it or not it really helped. 

I was learning how to eat after about week and a half. Foster mom still had to had feed me but it tasted so good. She gave me chicken and mashed potatoes and I loved it. Now I am taking some antibiotics and mucinex to help get all this yucky stuff in my chest. But I am now eating from a bowl and drinking. Oh and we can’t forget the meatballs I sure love those.  

As you can see if still have ways to go and I need to gain more weight and get rid of this nasty stuff making me sick and cough. I am actually trying to play with toys and I sometimes have accidents in the middle of the night but for the most part I am potty trained.  So stayed tuned for updates on my progress.  Also want to thank everyone for their donations because that’s what helps babies like me.