We just couldn’t let her go. Kasey came into our foster home right before our country shut down. She hunkered right down with all of us and quickly became part of the family. Those soulful eyes. That snaggle-tooth smile. Those belly rubs. We love her. We just can’t let her go.

My name is Kasey and as you can see I am a beautiful 9 year old girl. Don’t let my age fool you. I am still very active and playful. My first day in rescue were spent at a house with four other bulldogs. We all got along great with each other.

So how does a girl my age end up in rescue? I happened so suddenly I am so sure myself. My mom said they were remodeling the house to get ready for a new baby. For some reason, maybe it was my nerves, I stated chewing on the walls. I even made a hole in the sheetrock. I didn’t mean to, but it did happen. So they said they needed to find me another home.

Here I am. I was spayed years ago and I am in pretty good shape. I have a few spots on my skin that need looked at by the doctor. But I should be headed to my foster home in no time. Then I will be checking applications to find the perfect love match for the rest of my life. Do you think you could be my match? 

3/8/10 Update:  Sweet senior Kasey is just about the most perfect Bulldog you can ask for. She gets along great with other dogs and cats and is crate trained. She is 90% potty trained, but that might be due to the new home and routine. She is very sweet and loving, but also likes her alone time to chill and sleep. You would never know she’s 9 years old. She looks and acts a lot younger. And that face… Those eyes… Foster Ma melts every time she looks at me. Yes, she’s a senior. Yes, she’s 9. And no, you won’t have a full lifetime with her, but what you will have is a loving, loyal, sweet, affectionate girl that deserves any time she can have with you.

4/4/20 Update:  Kasey is probably the absolute sweetest, most gentle, easy-going, loving foster dog we’ve ever had! Her favorite things in life are treats, dinnertime, naps, balls, playing, sun-bathing, and most especially, belly rubs. She will gently drop down in front of you, roll over, and wait patiently for a belly rub. We call it “drop, flop and roll” time!

This sweet girl is 9 years “young” and you would never know she’s a so-called senior. She’s playful, energetic, silly and has a lot of life left to live. She deserves to find a family to spend her golden years with. Oh, and ladies, please notice how well she puts her eyeliner on every single morning! She never goes out without it