Kenny has been adopted! Dan and Sandra have had Bulldogs in their lives for nearly 20 years. Just over a year ago, they lost their beloved Benson, who they had for 13 years. The time was right for them to find a playmate for their 5-year-old, Marilyn. For them and for Kenny, it was an immediate bond. When they came to finalize the adoption, Kenny was ready to go. After we visited for a while, Kenny kept walking to the front door like he was ready to hit the road to his new life. He will have a blast with his new dad, mom and sister. Love you, Little Kenny, and wish you the best!

Welcome 4 year old Kenny to our rescue family. He was picked up by animal control and taken to a local shelter and never claimed. He is a handsome and compact 48 pound dark brindle boy. His eyes are a mess and the shelter first thought he might have some vision problems. We now think it was simply because there was so much gunk in his eyes. He has kennel cough, needs to be neutered and have his eyes checked. He also has a few bare spots in his skin, but it does not look like demodex. He just needs a good long bath and some good nutrition for as while. He is off to the vet to begin his treatment.

3/15/17 Update:  Kenny has had his initial vet visit and is ready to begin his treatment and recovery. The vet feels Kenny is 3 years old and his teeth are in good shape. He has a double ear infection, staph infection, long pallet, cherry eye, dry eye, cough and congestion. He also needs to be neutered. All of these issues can be corrected with a little time and love. The doctor said “Kenny is the sweetest dog ever!”

3/26/17 Update:  Kenny has spent a second week at the clinic for treatment and evaluation. They thought his cough was due to kennel cough and were treating him accordingly. But now they are beginning to think it is more of a reflux problem. He is even having trouble keeping down oral medications. They have started him on some antacids and other meds. He will need to eat from a raised bowl, take a few meds and eat a special GI food. We are not sure if this is a temporary condition due to eating something while living in the wild for a while, or if it is permanent. It is a condition that will need to be monitored. He gets neutered and his cherry eye fixed on Tuesday. The doctor wants to keep him for a few extra days to watch his progress and monitor his reflux. He should go to a foster next weekend. Because of some skin issues he will also need twice weekly baths for a while. But everyone at the clinic thinks he is just the sweetest guy.

3/28/17 Update:  Kenny had successfully cherry eye and neuter surgery today and is resting comfortably.

3/30/17 Update:  Kenny left the clinic today for his foster home. His eyes are a red mess from his double cherry eye surgery. He has three kinds of eye drops and three other medicines to take. The other meds are to help manage his reflux problem which is getting better daily. He will spend a few days resting and recuperating and then start playing with his foster brothers and sister. In the meantime he is wearing a funky blue cone to keep him from rubbing his eyes. He has pretty much demolished it! He is not going to let a little surgery slow him down!

4/5/17 Update:  Kenny has been doing great! But maybe he has been doing too well. He has been playing a little rough with his foster brother and pulled some stitches in his eye. So he had to make a second trip to the vet for eye surgery. He came through the surgery fine and is back home wearing a new “cone of shame.” He is being forced to take it easy while he is on Injured Reserve! Unfortunately Kenny and his foster brother don’t understand what IR means!

4/10/17 Update:  Kenny is simply one of the best bulldogs I have ever had. He just seems perfect in his health, temperament and overall behavior. He had an awesome day being the focus of attention at the Waco All-Breed Rescue event. He loved everybody and everything. He did have to make an extra trip to the vet this past week. He and his foster brother played a little too rough and he messed up the stitches from his cherry eye surgery. So he had to have the stitches replaced. That did not phase him at all. His reflux issue does seem to be a temporary thing. The vet thinks he developed a sour stomach eating who knows what while he was living in the wild. He has had no problems in over a week. He can be as active as you want or be a couch potato if that is what you desire. I just think he is ideal for any family.