Oh, happy adoption day! Sweet and wonderful Kiki found her furever family. New Mom and Dad kissed their princess and awoke to the happily ever after. Family and Kiki are Christmas gifts for each other.

New parents are multiple Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue adopters. Their current Bulldog, Sarah, was a puppy mill momma, as was Kiki. Both Bulldogs are shy, unaccustomed to full-time and unconditional love, but are coming around to the good life that rescue has shown them.

Kiki would like to thank everyone in Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for saving her life, providing superb nutrition and medical attention, caring for her, and instilling safety, security and stability as a way of life. She is thriving in her newfound freedom and happiness.

Our own pangs of loss for Kiki shrink to insignificance in the face of her happy future. Kiki is a precious gift who will be cherished as she deserves.

Let me tell you, I have traveled a long, long way to get here! Yep, that’s right… I lived up North and I was already wearing my winter clothes and I got here and I am about to go swimming! Of all things, I am at a pumpkin patch and even the pumpkins here are bigger than me. That’s right – I am really, really small. Someone slipped my leash over a pumpkin stem and I could not even move the pumpkin!

You may wonder why I am here. Well, I have had some babies in my days. Matter of fact, I just said goodbye to them. I decided my baby days were all over, so I packed my Bulldog backpack, jumped in a SUV coming to Texas and never looked back. Kiki was not my real name either, but new life, new name. I was 3 years old in June and on the radio I heard this song “Kiki, do you love me?” and my chauffer looked at me and said, “Kiki, I do love you!”

So, off to the Bulldog vet I go on Monday, where I intend to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap so she can kiss me and tell me how beautiful I am. Oh, and carry me too because this thing called walking on a leash is not happening for me, Kiki. I am more of a carry-me-in-your-purse-kind-of-lady.

11/27/18 Update:  Miss Kiki reporting and I am SO thankful to be in Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue’s loving arms after all I have endured. I just checked out of the “Doc Shop,” where they treated and loved on me, raised my spirits, and praised my beauty. They promised me a special place and here I am. My new foster dad loved on me during the ride home. He knows a fine-looking lady when he sees one. Alas, I hear that he tells all the other girls the same thing. He calmed qualms about where I was going, what would become of me, would I be hungry or abused…

All those doubts evaporated when I met my foster family. The welcoming committee included three other Bulldogs. I am the new kid on the block, yet they all look like me. How cool is that? Then foster dad took me aside for some one-on-one love, including hand feeding of appetizers. This is my temporary private residence while they are preparing my longer-term quarters. My new foster mom checked me out for health issues. As far as I can determine, I have a medical and nutrition pro at this BnB. I also have a personal chef for meals, maintenance man to clean up after me, and I will soon get a personal trainer. It has only been two days in my new digs and these peeps have taken a major shine to me. They say I do laps – like in my foster mom’s! How does she know I like my ears rubbed? They are already whispering about keeping quiet about me because they think I will not stay here long once the adoptive world finds out about me.

I love it here! Who knew that a young pup would find love, security, nutrition, care, and happiness all in one place? I am thankful for everyone involved in making my life so promising. Much more news is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!

12/2/18 Update:  What a whirlwind these days have been in rescue! Soon after moving in, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Ooh-la-la, turkey and meat stuffing – I hope Thanksgiving comes often. My sunny temperament shines, as hardships of the puppy mill fade. My future holds promise of which I could never have dreamed. Despite being naturally affectionate, I never have received so much love. Foster mom takes me into her lap and arms at night, strokes me, and tells me what a sweet girl I am. WOW, this is livin’ la vida loca.

Because a crate was my fate for most of my years, it my “She Shed.” All the other fur-sisters eat together in the dining salon, but I prefer my privacy. Slowly, I am weaning away, joining the pack and becoming more sociable. It is amazing what love from you rescue folks does for us Bulldogs. My potty manners are now floorless – get it? For the first few days, I could not believe my luck and did not concentrate on elimination etiquette. All the fur sisters go outside so that is where I go too, as part of the pack. At 3 years old, my frisky inner pup drives my curiosity. I am inquisitive and funny. Chasing autumn leaves kicked up by the fall breezes entertains me. When I catch them, they learn who is boss.

My foster parents told me the story of Snow White, because of my fur, save for some markings around my ears. Snow White wakes when kissed by a prince. Maybe my furever family will kiss me and make me their princess. I know my furever family is out there. I can pack my Bulldog bag in two shakes of a pup’s tail. As Blondie sang, “Call me.”

12/6/18 Update:  Merry Christmas to Bullie Nation and a special shout out to Santa Paws. What wonderful things Rescue brings! I now select the cookware to prepare meals as demonstrated in the video.  I also clean up. Yup, foster dad loads the dishwasher and I lick the silverware clean.  What a good Bulldog am I?

My belly and nether regions skin condition is improving because my Dogtor prescribed medicated shampoo.  Foster peeps treated me to a spa day where groomers did my hair and nails.  They fussed over me with special cream on my belly – my pretty face does not need any beauty cream. I want to be a princess in your home and heart.  Get your application in and come visit me. I love this BnB but my fur-ever home is my Christmas wish. That reminds me of I’ll Be Home for Christmas.  Will it be your home?

Thanks and love from all of us Bullies to every supporter of LSBCR, the volunteers, foster families, medical staff, donors, adopters, and others.  Without you, many of us would perish. With you, our lives flourish in ways that most of us could never have imagined. P.S Dear Santa Paws, I have been a good girl since coming to Rescue.  OK, I had a few “oopsies” inside but I have a great future with a new fur-ever family.  That is all I want for Christmas this year Santa.  Love, Kiki

12/12/18 Update:  You bipeds of the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue community have given me a gift that I never imagined: the chance to be a puppy! I play with toys, lounge in limitless love and have become a full-fledged frisky, frolicking, fur friend.

I have learned so much about socialization in a short time. While I still prefer my She Shed, I now join the other Bulldogs at this resort for meals in the main dining salon. I also join them in elimination exercises. You have heard of synchronized swimming, but what about pack peeing? We go out together, even in bad weather, and drop our butts low to the command of “Go potty.”

Foster mom says that I’m just a love machine. Now that a loving family has liberated my playful streak, maybe a family with kids would sweep me off my paws. I am still a little shy, but accepting that your hand touches me only in love. That is a comfort for me. I keep hearing that I won’t last long at this way station. Well, Christmas is nigh, so imagine me under your tree. I wish you Bulldog love and slobber for these holidays.