Kingman has been adopted by none other than his foster parents!  Better late than never I suppose….but Kingman doesn’t mind.  He is home and that is all he knows or cares about. King is Brian’s shadow and biggest fan, so it’s funny how “I” got him for Mother’s Day! LOL! He was with us almost a year before we made our decision, but somehow we knew it from the start. This sweet little guy who had been loved so much by his real dad stole our hearts on the way home, frantically looking for the raccoon toy his dad gave him in his baggage. This incredible man also included his baby picture, all his medical records, books, food, toys, blankets and even a ramp to help him get in the car easier! We considered it an honor to provide love and care for him. Kingman was stuck to Brian like glue from day one and merely tolerated me at first, but now, he loves me almost as much. My morning always starts out with King kisses, no tongue involved, just the offering of his mouth to mine so I can kiss him! He is quirky, funny, so sweet and loving. We cannot image our life without him! He is now one of our treasured furry children and we will love and provide for him unconditionally forever and always.

Hey friends it me, Kingman checking in today. Today was the day I knew was going to come sooner or later. I have been around this place called a garden center half my life just wandering around, picking flowers, and taking selfies!  I am a huge fan of selfies.  Every time I came my Dad would sit down and talk to Dianne so she would know everything about me, what I liked, loved, and what I was used to.  Let’s just say I like to eat, I love treats, and I am used to vet visits, having my wrinkles cleaned, and a Sunday bath is a must.  I like to walk, but I love car rides.  I like dog food, but I love steak to.  I have a ramp I go up and down, and a suitcase filled with my things and a bag of food that is my favorite.  My Dad packed everything,  wrote lots of notes, sent some baby pictures, found my puppy shot records and he even did a Coat Color DNA Test to see just how I got to be this fabulous.  Well today my Dad brought me again and this time I got to stay. My Dad cried big tears, and so did I.  Sometimes life takes a wrong turn and changes have to take place and we have to adjust.  I am going to find a new family now that will love me like my Dad did.  And wow did my Dad love me.

4/15/18 Update:  This has got to be one of the softest and sweetest Bulldogs I have ever met! He has a gorgeous coat with eyes that will suck you right in. He is 7 years old and acts like he is 4. We picked up Kingman from Puckett’s and had not gotten back to 75 when we had to pull over. Kingman was trying to get in the back of our Tahoe from the backseat. He wanted something that was back there! Well, I opened his HUGE duffel bag of all things Kingman, and handed him his stuffed raccoon and he was beaming from ear to ear! He sucked on his baby all the way home and was so proud to show it to us over and over again. Such a sweet boy!

When we got home, he went to his “holding area” with Trudy to settle in, but he did not want anything to do with decompressing! He pranced out, checked out the whole house and all the other dogs, chased poor Dixie the cat and settled in on the couch with his raccoon, once he had shown it to everyone. He walks like a champion and loves to go outside. He adores Brian and follows him everywhere he goes, just like our Callie does. Two little shadows, one on each side! Lucky man!

Kingman eats great (he is allergic to chicken!) and has awesome manners. He sits on command and knows the word “no” (which he got to hear as he was marking the pool table legs!). He loves to drink water and is a bit on the messy side here! He is housebroken (except for the few marking incidents, which is a given in our male-dominated house), but given his liking of water, we shall see how he does while we are at work all day. When I left him this morning, he was sitting on the couch with Boomer and Callie, leaning over the arm and staring out at the backyard daydreaming. I got my first kiss from him this morning and I was so thrilled! He is a precious, special boy with a love of life, people, and most other furries (cats are for chasing!). His smile will melt your heart! I expect that an applicant will be matched to him soon, so I will enjoy him while I can!

4/29/18 Update:  Hi!  My name is Kingman and I would like to share a few things about myself:

1.)    I LOVE MEN!  This is first and foremost!  Now don’t get me wrong, foster mom is ok and all, but I LOVE my foster dad and make it my business to shadow him at all times!  I take this job seriously!  I walk with him, sit with him and hang with him.  He is my FAV!  When he leaves, I sit on my couch by the door and stare outside until I hear his truck leave.  Then I nap until he returns, ‘cos that makes me SO VERY HAPPY!

2.)    I LOVE FOOD!  I like to eat and make up all sorts of silly dances when I see my food bowl coming towards me.  I know to RUN and DANCE down the hallway to eat in my room.  I have my own special eating room as I eat really fast and try to help others clean their bowls so we can proceed to TREAT TIME!  They don’t like my help, so I get my own space.  Kinda cool!

3.)    I LOVE TREATS!  Yes I do!!!  My face can be found next to the treat no matter whose mouth it is intended for!  I am learning to take my treat nicely as I tend to get really excited and CHOMP at it.  Foster dad says digits can be lost this way!  Whatever that means……I just want my TREAT!

4.)    I LOVE MY STUFFIES!  I have lots of stuffed animals here at the foster camp, but I LOVE my ROCKY RACCOON the most, because my real dad gave it to me.  I carry it everywhere, even for walks!  And yes, I can do my business while holding it in my mouth!  J  I am really talented!  I like to suck on it all day and all night…….until foster mom takes it away for a cleaning.  Then I resort to my moose or my green tug toy (that my real dad game me also!).  I patiently wait until Rocky is clean and I get him back again!  YAY!!!

5.)    I KNOW WHERE TO DO MY BUSINESS!  Yes, I am housebroken.  That’s not to say that I have not had a few accidents in the house, but hey, foster dad and mom work a lot and sometimes a little guy just can’t hold it that long!  But I do my best!  I would really LOVE if I had someone home all day with me!  Then I could go out a lot more often and be a PERFECT boy, ‘cos that’s what I like to be.

6.)    All THE OTHER STUFF!  I am good with other dogs and don’t cause any trouble.  Foster sister Callie taught me to chase the cat and that is FUN!  Foster mom says no it is not, but I think she should try it!  Then she would know!  I am allergic to chicken, so I don’t get nibbles at foster parent dinner time and that bums me out, but I do get other yummy things that I can eat, so I am happy.  I can catch treats and I can sit like a good boy!  Foster mom says I am super soft and have the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen!  Ok, I will go with that!  I am pretty handsome if I do say so myself!  J  I am 7 years old, so I do get supplements for my joints, but that is all.  I am healthy and muscular!  I am such a catch!

So……..that’s a quick recap of ME!  I really want a home with a guy who get me……’s are ok, but just to take care of essentials like feeding, etc…..I want and need a new DAD who wants to play with me and hang with me and let me be with him at all times.  A retired or work from home dad would be awesome!  If you would like to meet me, just fill out your application and I will be waiting patiently on my green couch for YOU!   Love, Kingman

6/14/18 Update:  The origin of Kingman’s name means “servant to the king” and this sweet little guy does his very best to live up to his name!  He is loyal and loving and truly just wants to spend all his time with the “king” of the house, his foster dad!  He is content just to be in the same room with him.  If foster dad is outside, Kingman is at the door waiting.  He is just a precious baby who loves his dad!  He has actually come around to my presence also (finally!).  LOL!  He didn’t know what to do with me at first……all the kissing and hugging and loving……but now he actually comes to me for it!   I think it’s because I bribed him with new stuffies (his babies) –  the second way to his heart besides being a man!  Feeding helps too!  He still eats in his own room to avoid “butting into other’s food” conflicts, but he is doing great with treats and only occasionally gets too aggressive.  We think he is doing AWESOME learning to live with other dogs!  He and our Callie are best buds.  He is an amazing little dog who is simply gorgeous!  Our pics do not do him justice… have to see him in person!  His coloring is just beautiful!  Just as beautiful as his heart.  He is sweet and loving and funny.  He does need eye drops to keep his eyes moist and his little corners from poking out.  His hair is coming in on his side and he looking great!  His ideal home would be with a retired gentleman he could hang out with all day.  He is good with our cat and the absolute messiest water drinking we have ever seen!  LOL!  I can’t imagine anyone NOT falling in love with this guy.  I know we have.

8/12/18 Update:  Kingman, aka Shadow Boy, loves to go for rides with his foster dad, but he never even looks out the window. He spends the entire trip staring at foster dad until he almost falls asleep. His devotion is unwavering and he is always ½ step behind Brian. Such a cutie!

9/11/18 Update:  Whether walking, hanging with foster bro Teddy or sleeping soundly, Kingman ALWAYS has a toy hanging from his mouth. I think the only time he takes them out is to eat or drink! And yes, I rotate his toys through the washer quite frequently!

9/25/18 Update:  Who was the star of the Cowboy watch party this past Sunday? Well, Kingman, of course! He was ready, willing and dressed to root for his team, and even brought his own football. Better luck next week, King and Cowboy fans!

1/7/19 Update:  Kingman would like to thank everyone that contributed to his “Santa Paws” bag!  He had a blast opening, playing and chewing and finally passed out in “toy land” on his new blankie!  I thought we were going to have to surgically remove the tennis ball from his mouth!  He was SO happy!

3/25/19 Update:  I think Kingman had a little too much fun this weekend (and from the looks of a couple of these pics, he also may have been into foster dad’s beer supply! 🤪).

He was attached to Brian non-stop, from Friday evening to Monday morning. He helped clean the garage, do yard work and even had time for some arts and crafts! But of all the things he likes, TREAT TIME is his favorite. He can catch them like a pro!

I’ve included a couple pics of King with the crew – minus foster Mabel, Coco the Chihuahua and the two cats. King gets along fine with the cats; Mabel not so much!

5/10/19 Update:  Kingman is not really an outdoorsy type of dude, but he loves to be with his people and has learned to enjoy his time in the sunshine. He sits just like a Buddha too! He remains obsessed with men, but has finally started greeting me with wiggles when I come home too. He is loyal above all else and wants nothing more than to hang with you on the couch and play with his toy collection. His perfect home would be with a guy who works from home and could be with him all day. He gets so bummed when foster dad is not there.