Knox (Now Mr. Magoo)

Knox (Now Mr. Magoo)

Knox knew something special was happening to him when he hopped in the bath tub yesterday. Knox met his family on Saturday and they could hardly wait for adoption day! Knox has a new name, Mr. Magoo, and he loves that new name. Knox will be the only Bulldog in the home and he loves that idea. Knox’s new family have had Bulldogs for many years. They look forward to spoiling Mr. Magoo for many years and making his life amazing! Much happiness, everyone. Knox, you will missed in rescue, for sure!

Welcome 6 year old Knox to Rescue. Knox is the Bulldog you have always dreamed about. He should be one of those college mascots!

He has always lived in a home where he was loved and well cared for. But due to some circumstances beyond his control, he was tearfully surrendered to us today. He has had eye, tail and palate surgery in the past. He is a Bulldog, after all! He loves kids, specially those older than toddlers, and he enjoys playing with other dogs. And he has not met a squeaky toy he does not love to spend hours playing with.

If you are looking for a beautiful Bulldog who has some mature wisdom and behavior, and who will love playing with you and snuggling next to you, then Knox his definitely for you.

10/15/10 Update:  Look a me! I got rid of that nasty ole cone. Now you can see my beautiful face and new eyes even better. What’s more important is that now I can see you better! The film is gone that was covering my eyes and the scratches are healed. And how do you like my new eye lift? Do you like how you can see my beautiful eyes? The doctor says I am ready to leave the clinic. I just need a foster willing to take care of me and my new eyes and put drops in every day.

I am trying to be a good boy because the doctor said if I start scratching my eyes, the cone of shame is going back on! I don’t want to see that thing ever again. Can I please come hang out at your place? I love to snuggle next to you and get all the belly rubs I can.

11/12/17 Update:  Knox is a one chill dude, I mean bulldog.  He has the cutest little bod — his paws are super chunky and it makes him look like a little teddy bear.  He’s very easy, sleeps a lot.  Doesn’t ask for much, seems to be potty trained.  He also would be happier being an only dog.