Yesterday, the rain was coming down outside all day, and the waterworks were flowing inside, too. Our home is flooded with happy tears because Kringle has been adopted! Kringle was waiting patiently for his forever home and he’s found a perfect fit! Kringle has a mom, Rachel, and an older fur brother, Barry. Barry did a great job at the meet-and-greet, showing Kringle where all the dog beds are in the house. Barry didn’t mind at all when Kringle helped himself to some of his water, and would have let Kringle help himself to his leftover breakfast, but the bowl was picked up too soon. Rachel was looking for a good boy to hang out with her and Barry, and Kringle knew he was the dog for the job. Kringle said his list of things to do at his new home include (1) snuggle on the couch (2) get a tasty snack (3) snuggle on the couch! Kringle is excited because he heard Barry likes sunbathing and car rides, and Rachel is ready to give him all the love in her heart.

I’m Kringle!  I came to Rescue with my friends, Rudy & Sleigh. We’re very good boys. We all came from the SPCA. We were with over 100 other dogs that were taken from extremely bad living conditions. The SPCA called Rescue and ask if they would like for us to come live with them and they said YES!  So, Here We Are!

I had a bath, my ears cleaned, nails trimmed and a big bowl of food when I got here.  They gave me the works!  Dr. Larsen is a sweetie, but she told me that I have 2 things that need some work. My teeth are in pretty bad shape and I have a tumor on my side, that needs to be removed. She said, she was going to fix both for me.

As soon as both of those things are done you will be hearing more from me!  For right now, I would like to share pictures of me, so you can’t see what a sweet guy I am.

Everyone have a great Christmas and I’ll write again after the holidays are over.

1/16/20 Update:  I thought I’d tell you all a little more about myself. I’m a 7-year-old Bulldog mix. I’m the sweetest chap to sit in your lap. I wasn’t at my peak when I came to rescue. They had to remove many of my teeth, and this tumor that was on my underside. The vet says I’m all better now, but we do need to keep a look out just in case that tumor decides to come back. Bugger off tumors, I say.

In other news, my foster folks give me this tip-top mixture of beef broth and dry dog food. Makes the kibbles nice and soft; it’s brilliant! This week, the house cat decided he wanted MY food. Little fella had the nerve to hit me in the face while I was eating, if you can believe that. Being the polite lad that I am, I did what the books recommend and ignored him while I finished my supper.

I tolerate this nice big Bulldog fella my foster folks have, but I’d love to be somebody’s top boy, and have that person all to myself.

Thanks for the lovely chat. I’ll write again soon!

1/22/20 Update:  Kringle here, checkin’ in, giving you the highlights and what.

This week, the eldest foster girl decided she wanted to prove the old adage wrong and try to teach me a few tricks: “sit” “stay” “catch” and “twirl.” We both gave it our all, and well, I learned “Kringle.” Turns out when she says “Kringle” she’s talking to me. I also get a treat if I look up when she says it. Pretty cool. Foster girl says she’ll keep working with me, which is splendid, because I love treats and the attention!

As it would happen, I don’t care for all this rain. Foster mum is having to keep an eye on me to ensure I go to the bathroom. I tried tricking her and taking a few steps out the door, then turning around letting her know I’d done my business. She’s a clever one. Saw right through my rouse… perhaps she just saw through the glass.

Anyhow, that’s it for me. Fun fact when playing “catch:” You get to eat the treat, even if you don’t catch it!

2/8/20 Update:  Are you looking for new love in your life? Might I suggest you swipe right for Kringle? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’d like to tell you about all the love and affection you could expect from yours truly. My love language was best sung by the 90s R&B sensation group All-4-ONE:

“I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky
And I swear, like the shadow that’s by your side…”

I prefer to wait for people to let me know it’s alright to join their space. Unlike these big brutes, foster brother included, who assume everyone wants their rump all over them. I do love a good snuggle. I also like car rides and short walks on a leash. I love picnics in the park or sitting on the couch watching the big game.

No matter if it takes 2 or 22 tries to get the right angle, I’ll try out all the new photo filters with you. In return, all I want is to be with someone who’ll always have a place for me at their side:

“…’Cause I’ll stand beside you through the years
You’ll only cry those happy tears
And though I make mistakes
I’ll never break your hearrrrrrarrrrt! Oh I swear….”

2/17/20 Update:  This week, my foster family took me on my first trip to the home improvement store for air filters. Oh. right… I also GOT A PUPPUCCINO! Mulch more exciting than the filters.

This week has been rightfully dull, with all the rain and cold weather. But today is looking bright! It’s Saturday and I hear there’s a birthday party at BoomerJack’s In Fairview for Shotgun. Yours truly will be there, bow tie and all. Can’t wait to meet you, loves.

2/20/20 Update:  Shotgun’s birthday party was absolutely fantastic! I had fried pickles and CAKE! Have you ever had cake?!? I believe the frosting is my favorite! Someone left a bit of frosting on the floor boards and I helped out BoomerJack’s by cleaning that right up! I also got some splendid neck scratches by some lovely ladies! Hello ladies.

Guess what? I hear my foster family talking about another birthday party this weekend! Human girls turning 10 enjoy cake, right? Paws crossed and bow tie’s on.

2/26/20 Update:  You know who’s an odd duck? The foster cat. One day, he’s telling me to keep my paws off his stretch of backyard; the next day, he’s telling me all his favorite spots to munch on some greenery.

Foster cat showed me this bonkers way of laying on the couch. It was difficult to balance, but boy, was he was right about it leading to some good neck scratches.

Grandparents came in this weekend for the birthday party, and foster brother was a bit off his rockers about “Granny.” Cat gave me the heads up about “Papa” being a cool fella, and he was right. You see, while foster brother spent all his time following “Granny” around, “Papa” was able to sneak me treats and shower me with love without that big ole boy getting jealous. It was brilliant.

I was a big help at the party! I helped clean up wrapping paper, I helped clean up all those extra chicken strips (thanks “Papa”) and I made sure everyone kept a level head during Monopoly. The party was Paris themed, so I got to have French fries and I got French macarons! J’adore les macarons! Thanks for checking in… I’ll see you again soon.  Love, yours truly

3/17/20 Update:  Yesterday, I was trying out a new nap style on the sofa, when I saw the most beautiful light in the sky! I’d heard the foster girls talking about rainbows, and I knew without a doubt this was one. I also know at the end of a rainbow is a pot a gold, and if I find it, a Leprechaun will grant me a wish! I barked some orders at Foster Mom, put on my lucky bow tie, and we were off!

I kept my eye on that rainbow the entire car ride. At the park, I sniffed and followed its trail. Rainbows smell a lot like corned beef and cabbage, if you’re wondering… quite delicious.

Anywho, I walked all over the park, even wished on a dandelion as a back up. Suddenly, I was surrounded by brilliant lights, and everything smelled like meats and veggies! This had to be it!

Afterward, I took a nap in the shade, got some water and treats from Foster Mom, and now I’m just waiting. Oh! Right! You’re wondering if I found the pot of gold. Well, my wish is to find my furever family so…. send in your applications to find out!

4/8/20 Update:  Foster boy Kringle is pondering the age-old question, “Does the Easter Bunny lay eggs or does he have an endless supply of eggs in the basket he carries?” Also, how many naps does the Easter Bunny take while hiding all those eggs? Is the Easter Bunny a “he?”

Kringle is a great dog. He’s incredibly sweet and he loves to sit in your lap or “share” your pillow. Kringle doesn’t play much, but he gets along with other dogs and cats. He’d be a great couch companion, for a human or another couch-loving dog. Can you help find Kringle some Bunny to love?