Leah Ann

Leah Ann

We are so happy to announce that Leah Ann has been adopted by a wonderful family. They adore her and she is doing amazing in her new home.

We are Matilda Ann and Leah Ann and we are a hot mess! We are 10-week-old puppy sisters who love everything about being puppies. We also have demodex mange and have lost most of our hair.

We were taken to a shelter and left there. It was a big scary place, but the people were very nice to us. Then, today a nice man picked us up and I didn’t think he would ever stop hugging us and telling us how pretty we were and how happy he was to see us. He told us life was going to be all different now.

Matilda Ann is my big fat lazy sister who weighs a whopping 19.2 pounds. She has lots of bad and bleeding sores on her back. I am Leah Ann and I am the pretty, petite one at 15.2 pounds. Oh, and I’m the one who loves to talk, and run, and jump, and talk, and get so excited, and chew shoestrings, and talk. We really love each other and we love how nice people have been to us, all of a sudden.

We got our first bath yesterday. We got our nails trimmed today and will be getting nice warm baths three times a week. Two little girls could get spoiled by all this pampering.

We can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress to becoming the beautiful princesses the rescue man said we would become. In the meantime, we are just going to chill here at the clinic, let these nice people wait on us, and wait for our beautiful hair to grow back. Stay tuned!

8/14/18 Update:  We have had these 2 sweet girls for about 3 and half weeks now.  Wow, is all I can say.  Both girls are very sweet, loving and playful.  They are also very smart and starting to learn where to go potty and what they can and cannot chew on.  They are very different little girls once you get know them but they are both extremely special.

Leah is also transforming and blossoming just not as quick as Matilda.  They had their checkup yesterday and unfortunately Leah still has Demodex which is making her progress a little slower.  She has started a new treatment so hopefully we will see even more healing and hair growth for her in the next few weeks.  Leah is a silly puppy always on the go.  She is a follower and slightly more timid than Matilda.  She loves to play and jump all over her people and wants to be with someone all the time.  She is finally starting to snuggle up with us when its just her but most of the time if it is just her she is either looking for Matilda or wanting to play.  She has the funniest quirky personality and will always make you laugh with her antics.  Her favorite thing to play with are shoes or socks.

10/19/18 Update:  Hey there world!  It’s been a while so we thought we should check in.  Can y’all believe that we are almost 6 months old!!! That’s right, next week is our half birthday.  Hopefully that means extra treats.  As you can all see we are doing great and growing.

Look at all of our hair.  We both have so much.  You would almost never know that just a few short months ago we were both completely bald and covered and in itchy nasty scabs and bad infected skin.  We both still get a bath once a week but we are so good for bath time. We just sit there while foster mom or dad scrub and massage on us.  Sometimes we even like to take a toy in there with us. We are still just puppies and still learning but we are both so smart.  We love to play and love all people.  Did I mention that we love to play?  Because we do.  We can play for hours with anyone or anything.

Foster mom keeps mentioning how great we are doing and that now we need to go see Dr. Larsen again next month.  We think that’s awesome because we both love her.  She and her clinic staff took such good care of us when we first came to rescue that we are excited to visit. Then she mentioned something about us having a little procedure so that we can’t have any babies ever.  Sounds good to us because we are just babies and don’t plan on ever having any babies.  Leah will also get her cherry eye repaired which she is very excited about it.  It’s pretty uncomfortable for her sometimes so I’m sure she will be glad to have gone.  I’m sure foster mom will give us lots of extra love when we get back home from our procedures.

Well, we gotta go play.  We are trying on our costumes for Bull-O-Ween.  We are so excited to visit everyone and hope to see you there.  Look for us, we will be matching of course!