Leah Carol (now LuLu Beatrice)

Leah Carol (now LuLu Beatrice)

Yesterday was the day Leah Carol has been waiting for! Leah (now LuLu Beatrice) got all cleaned up, packed her bags, and headed off to her forever home! She knew something big was happening because she was prancing all over the house for the 10 or so minutes before we left.

LuLu and her new forever family are the perfect match for each other. She will even go to work with her mom a few days a month. We have no doubt she will be loved and spoiled every day! LuLu, we will miss you, but we couldn’t be happier for you and your new family!

Wow!  I was able to send word to Santa Claus just in time to let him know that I was in a shelter and I sure needed a rescue! I was picked up as a stray and no one came looking for me.  That was fine with me because I was tired of having babies and I am also Heartworm Positive.  The word all over the shelter was if you get out you will be one lucky bulldog if you end up with LSBCR because Dr. Larsen will let you sit in her lap. Do you see me? I am sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap telling her all about the new life I am going to have! I joined rescue on Christmas Eve, that makes me a Christmas miracle too! Dr. Larsen thinks I am about 2-3 years old and she commented she had never seen a bulldog as sweet as me!  Well, that’s all about me for now other than to thank you for rescuing me on Christmas Eve. Love Leah Carol

2/8/20 Update:  You haven’t heard from me in a while, as I have been going through heartworm treatment. I am now on my 30-day rest time. I’m tired of resting. I’m ready to get up and get going! It’s hard for a 3-year-old girl to just lay around all day. I’m ready to get out in the world and see what’s going on!

Beause I’ve had to stay at the vet clinic for my treatment, I’ve leaned some wonderful things I didn’t know about the world: Dogs are supposed to be loved, touched and cared for by people. They get to live among people, not in a create all the time. The best part is they can go outside, play and get ear and belly rubs. They can get dressed up and get their picture taken.

Picture day was GREAT! I got all the attention. I am very well behaved, so they were very proud of me. They showed me my photos when we finished, and I didn’t realize I was so beautiful. I even got to wear wings. I looked like a big bird ready to fly away to my new life.

When my turn was up, I kept running back into the photo room and jumped on the couch for more pictures. I didn’t want it to end. They laughed, kissed me and said we would do it again next week. I’ll be waiting.

Soon my rest time will be over, and I’ll get to move in with my foster family. Then it will be time to start meeting potential forever families. To be someone’s baby girl forever would be a dream come true! Just know I’ve been resting a long time, so I’ll be ready to live, love and lick you until both of our hearts’ content!

2/17/20 Update:  I just moved into my foster home on Saturday and I’m still finishing up my heartworm treatment. Foster Dad says there is only one word that describes me: chill! I’m a pretty chill gal ~ the kind you want to snuggle up on the couch with.

I love getting on my leash to do my business. Just don’t try to get me to walk where I don’t want to walk. I like to lead the way. I looooove being loved on, but come on, who doesn’t?

There’s a little two-legged sister here and oh boy, do I think she’s swell! In fact, I pretty much love everyone in this house. I’m not even bothered by the weird mini lion roaming around. I heard someone call it a cat.

I still have to take it easy for now, but in a few more weeks, I’ll be ready to find my furever home. I suggest you get your applications in now because a sweet girl like me won’t be single for long. Maybe you’ll be my perfect match!

2/24/20 Update:  Did someone say Mardi Gras? I was ready to PARTY…. But alas, I still have another week of bed rest for my heartworm treatment before I can partake in the festivities.

Although I’m really not a fan of this whole rest thing, foster mom says I’m pretty lazy, so I’d just be sleeping anyway. I’m not so sure, but we’ll see next week when I finish up my heartworm treatment.

In the meantime, don’t forget to get those applications in because one of you may be a perfect match for me. Especially if you have some two-legged siblings… The little princess here is definitely my favorite and I’d love to have one in my furever family. Leah out!

3/3/20 Update:   Freedommmmmm! Freedommmmmm!  That’s right- I’m done with my four-week rest period for my heartworm treatment and boy, am I excited!

I got to take a few short walks, be off-leash in the backyard (I never run), and even hang with my two-legged foster sister in the front yard. It was an awesome weekend!

A few things my foster parents have learned about me these last few weeks:

– I am sweet as pie, love my belly rubs and back scratches, and, as I said before, I prefer the tiny human the most. Any tiny human will do actually.

– I do great on my walks, but the passing cars are a little scary though.

– Foster Dad says I’m so gentle taking my treats. He wants me to teach the resident lab. Haha. Give me a treat and I’ll go anywhere!

– I love nap time all the time! It doesn’t take much to tire me out. Like I said before, I’m pretty chill!

– Cats don’t phase me. They can walk by, run, jump- I couldn’t care less.

– Alumna Matilda Ann and I are butting heads a little because we both want to be the boss, but we’re working through it, one walk at a time. Foster mom thinks we’ll be besties in no time. I’m hoping to be in my forever home so fast I don’t have to worry about her.

Speaking of… have you submitted your application? You may get matched to me!

3/17/20 Update:  I’ve been seeing a lot more of Foster Mom lately. She said something about social distancing? I feel like I’ve actually been practicing social distancing for a while now… first during heartworm treatment (which, thank goodness, I’m now free and clear) and now, well, I really don’t like my foster sister so my foster parents keep us at a distance most of the time. I like everyone else ~ I just really don’t like her. Sometimes I don’t mind her, like when we are on walks, but that’s about it. My foster parents think it’s because we’re both females. That, and maybe because she invades my personal space. I really hate when she invades my personal space! 😡

Anyway, enough about her.. let’s talk about me! First, don’t let my grumpy face fool you. I’m actually very happy! You’ll know because my tail nub does this cute little wiggle when I’m excited. Also, I’m potty trained 🙌🏻which has earned me free range in the house while the ‘rents are at work. That is a huge deal for them. Seriously.

I know there’s a lot going on in our world right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really want to find my forever home. Think about it… if you are working from home and the kids are home from school, you’ll have plenty of time to get me acclimated to my new environment, right? I always try to find the silver lining.

Hope to meet you soon!   xoxo  Leah Carol

3/25/20 Update:  Since you heard from me last, I had a meet-and-greet with a nice family downtown. I got my nails done, took a bath, and was on my best behavior. I had my paws crossed, but it turns out that they are looking for a a dog that is a little less laid back than me. That’s fine. They will find the Bulldog that is perfect for them and I will keep searching for my perfect forever home. I have to be me.

I am super calm. Don’t confuse that with me being a bump on a log. I go on walks with my foster family and I am good for close to a mile, as long as it isn’t too warm out. I am good on a leash, I am house trained, and Foster Pops says I am a smart girl. I am learning that when I want attention, it is best to walk up and sit down instead of jumping up. I still haven’t shown any interest in the cats. Like many girls, I am starting to develop a love for shoes. It isn’t a full-on obsession, but it might be best to keep them put up, just in case. Have I said I am calm?

Anyway, I am off to go on my walk with the foster family, but I will keep in touch. Get those applications in~ maybe you’ll be chill, laid back and great match for me! P.S. I have decided that “social distancing” is the code word for doggie heaven. I love hanging out with the humans working from home!

4/3/20 Update:   Leah Carol is loving all the extra attention while her foster parents are working from home and foster sis is homeschooling! She’d love to come keep you company! (P.S. I spy foster girl Queen Bella getting in on the extra attention too!)

4/8/20 Update:  HELLLOOOOO FRIENDSSSSS! I’m going to need you to stop what you are doing right now and take a really good look at my beautiful face!

Now, I want you to look around your house. See that empty couch. Wouldn’t it look even better with me on it? That back yard? Yep, it’d be a great place for us to play. The empty space right beside you? I’d love to fill it!

Let me tell you, I love my foster family, BUT I really want to find my forever home. Ideally, I would prefer a place with either a submissive male dog or no other dogs. The resident lab here has become my buddy. Why? He lets me be the boss! My kind of guy! The two female Bulldogs? Nope, don’t like them one bit! Cats are still fine by me.

Foster Mom and Dad love seeing my personality come out! I still sleep away most of my days, but I’ve started chasing and wrestling with the lab some and I will even fetch a ball from time to time.

Today, not only did I play tug-o-war, but I also jumped in to help with some homeschooling! Look at me go!

So, now it’s your turn to fill out that application! I know you’re out there… that perfect family that wants to love me forever! ❤️ Just click that button, fill out that app on our website and cross your paws we’re a perfect match!