Today was the best day of my life!

I know, I know… I have said that before, but today, I really mean it. Today, I was adopted.

After I was picked up as a stray, no one came looking for me at the local shelter. So, I joined rescue on 2/2/22.   

I was an absolute mess. My eyes, ears and my skin were infected. I also was heartworm positive. 

My foster mom could not touch my head.  Day after day, she sat on the floor by me and tried to convince me that the collar wasn’t a bad thing. I said, “NOOOOO way!” for a long time.  

Then, one day, I thought I would let her snap that collar just once. And when I heard that click of the collar, I lost my mind. It must have reminded me of my life before rescue ~ my foster momma thinks someone hit me in the head a lot. 

But from that day forward, I could wear a collar. And every few days, I try on a new one! It took me weeks to learn to trust and understand the days of being hit in the head were over for me. 

Today, I am a new bulldog. I can sit to try on a new collar and I can step into a harness with ease. I can walk on a leash without pulling and I know how to play with toys.  

I have a new dad, Justin, and new mom, Christy. I also have a Bulldog brother, Max. He has his own chair. He doesn’t have to worry about me sitting in his chair because I have never been on furniture. Not that I wasn’t allowed, I just preferred to have my feet on the ground. 

Bulldog people, I have left rescue, found an amazing family and, believe me, dreams do come true. I know they do because my dream came true!

Day after day, I sat at the shelter, thinking “Is anyone looking for me?”  

I got lost and had been picked up by the local animal control. The shelter workers told me every day that they bet I would go home “that day.”  

As time passed, I knew no one was coming for me. 

After I had my blood drawn, my friend told me I was “high heartworm positive.” She said she was calling rescue because the treatment was expensive and I needed help. 

I wanted to tell her that I had needed help for a while because I was always hungry and I could not remember ever having a bath. “Rescue” was exactly the word I wanted to hear.

The shelter did a little “snip snip” before I left so I would lose that loving feeling. I have lost it and I didn’t care. I was ready to leave. I wanted all the barking to stop and I wanted to be picked up by rescue.

On 2/22/22, I walked out, gave myself the name Legend and decided that “Twos Day” was the best day of my life. Legend is starting over. I’m starting a new life and will have a new family and make new friends. 

The shelter estimated me to be about 2-3 years old. That seems about right. I’m thin, kind of unsure of things, but absolutely ready to start my new life with a family who will love me forever. 

3/30/22 Update:  I am headed to sit with Dr. Larsen. If my photos look odd, it’s because someone tried to put this baby in the back. And I don’t like the back. Matter of fact, the crate I was riding in had a side door, but it was not latched, so this is why I’m riding shot gun! I must say, sitting up here, I can see everything coming and going, both ways. 

I have been getting myself ready for heartworm treatment. I’m not excited about that, but it’s sure going to happen. Then, I’ll have 30 days of rest. That’s going to be hard on me too. At my foster home, I am head of squirrel patrol and chasing them is the highlight of my day.

5/25/22 Update:   I finally finished my 30 days of crate rest and leash walking, following my heartworm treatment. And wow, was it rough! I’m normally outside, working in the garden, but for the last four weeks, I’ve been inside, watching from the window. Now, watching from the window is over and I can go back to gardening.

I also can start looking through the approved applications to find my forever family. I would like a home with other dogs because I love them and enjoy their company.  They don’t have to play with me, but I sure like to sleep next to someone. I walk great on a leash, I’m potty trained and I’m ready for a new family.