Lillie Elizabeth

Lillie Elizabeth

Lillie Elizabeth packed her paperwork and some food to head out to her furever home.  

In rescue, she had to have double entropion so her beautiful eyes could see the world. 

I think she is just smitten with her new parents. It looks like she will have her dad wrapped around her paw before they get home. The belly rubs and playing “catch our feet“ will be in abundance.  

Lillie wants to thank everyone for giving her a quick makeover and helping her find her furever home.


Best way to describe me is a petite cuddy buddy with a lil’ attitude. 

I just entered my foster home last night and was welcomed with a spa treatment. There was a big ol’ shower waiting on me and my foster mom washed me up pretty good. Oh boy, and once I got dried off by my foster dad, the fun was on the way.  

I walked out of the bathroom and everywhere I looked, I saw a Bulldog. It was a little crazy to have everyone sniff me, but hey, I knew I was the best smelling thing in the room.  

Exploring all the rooms and outside was really cool. Dinner was pleasant and I even got my own new bed in the master bedroom. 

I already have a favorite chair outside. I know I’ll be working on my summer “shaded” tan this year.  That is, unless rescue finds a perfect furever lap for me sooner!

4/13/22 Update:  Have you ever stocked up your pantry, only to turn around and notice things already missing? Does the irritation of not knowing how it happened get to you?  

Well, we have a fix for you today.  With the Lillie Elizabeth 2000, you will get protection from that unwanted scenario. She will lay in your pantry entry and alert you of any unwanted guests.  

She has a newly developed function that makes others think she is asleep. The best designed feature is the three preset snoring levels. This will deter anyone from even thinking about raiding your pantry.  

Act fast because only one is left in stock and approved applicants are being considered now! She may be yours furever. Best part is she’s not even battery operated and doubles as a couch buddy!

4/26/22 Update:   I was lounging around the house yesterday and saw Foster Dad come home for lunch.  I let him eat and then followed him everywhere. 

As he was leaving, I decided to follow him out the door. He was shocked when he opened the car door and I jumped right in.  Well, it’s take your foster dog to work day now!  

I sat on the couch in his office. I made a lot of new friends and made them all smile. This might be my new thing until I find my furever home.  It starts great conversation with his clients about Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Thankfully, the owner of my foster dad’s company also has Bulldogs. LOL It’s cool getting so much one-on-one attention.