We are excited to announce that sweet Lully has been adopted.

Welcome 5 year old sweetie, Lilly to rescue. Stay tuned for updates from her foster family.

11/17/16 Update:  We picked up Shelby and Lilly today from boarding and we are excited to be new foster parents to them. Shelby seems to be a little dog aggressive, but nothing a little love can’t fix. Lilly is a doll and is so sweet to be around. We now have three bundles of joy looking for that furever home. Never thought we would have five Bulldogs at once.

12/4/16 Update:  Lilly here. I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am. I am a go-with-the-flow kinda gal. I have so much going on in my foster home, it’s crazy. I love being petted. I’m definitely not a lap pup and don’t like being on furniture. If you just lay down a blanket somewhere that is what I love. I think I’m afraid of heights, honestly. I am potty trained and love to be given animal crackers for praise. My foster pops lays with me on the floor and rubs my back. I really enjoy all the attention I’m given and would make a great addition to a home. My Christmas wish is to find my furever home.

12/19/16 Update:  Lilly here again :). I’ve had a nice, quiet week. I have enjoyed the new channel my foster pops put on this week. Crazy, there are so many cool shows on the Cartoon Network. I’m excited that he brought me home a new comfy bed yesterday from the foster party. Now, I have to get my sleep hours in on it to break it in. I’m laid back and love to be rubbed. Hanging out in the kitchen is where you will usually find me. This cold weather is nice especially when I can sunbathe. If you know someone that I could make smile, please share my story.

12/29/16 Update:  Lilly here again. I have had an eventful year and looking forward to finding my furever home in 2017. Taking long naps is my specialty. I hardly ever bark and if I do, it’s just because I get startled. When you walk around the house, I will follow you to see if food is coming. I enjoy any rugs or carpet to lay on. Chewing is for babies, so I don’t do that. I am open to joining a household of dogs or cats. Excited for my home visit tomorrow morning! Wish me luck.