Lilly Belle

Lilly Belle

I am so excited to announce that I found my very own furever family! That’s right – I’m kicking off the new year in my new crib. I had a wonderful time at my meet and greet Thursday evening. So, I am moving to Fort Worth and hopefully will see y’all at events out there.

I get to play with my new skin siblings. Soaking up all this attention will never get old for me. They went out to buy me a nice comfy bed, outfits, and collars. To say I’m a lucky girl is an understatement. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Bright Star Veterinary Clinic for nursing me back to health. I won’t forget y’all and I’m excited to share my future updates.

I was named by the little girl whose mother picked me up, took me home, gave me a bath and told me I was going to be alright.

I was really doubtful though because I was picked up on one of the hottest days of the year, wandering around an area that I didn’t know. I was looking for food and water, but all I found was shade from a tree. I figured if I was not going to survive the heat, underneath a tree would be a perfect place for me. My new friend was really nice. She took me home and gave me a bath to help cool me down. I could barely stand up, but her magic worked, and I began to feel better. I then visited a vet clinic to see if I had a microchip, but I didn’t. Then my new friend got on the computer and started posting me in her neighborhood group, asking if anyone knew where I belonged. The local shelter also didn’t have any leads.

Of course, no one knew me in the neighborhood. I was not from around there. My fur was covered in red sand and I was found in an area with black dirt. Did someone just drop me off after I had many litters of puppies? Was I not wanted any more? Did someone actually think I would survive being dumped in Texas when it’s 107 degrees? Thanks to Mandi, my new friend, I didn’t die that day. And Mandi’s daughter named me after her, Lilly Belle. I love my new name Lilly Belle. I will never forget my friends that found me under a tree and saved my life. My name is Lilly Belle and I am a survivor.

And we are sad to announce that Lilly Belle tasted positive for heart worms and will have to undergo treatment.

8/30/18 Update:  I finally left the vet clinic today! I wish I could say I wouldn’t see it again for a while, but there’s a heartworm treatment waiting on me next week. So, I will be on medical hold for the next 30 days. It will be bed rest for me and short walks outside on a leash. I am so happy that a foster family came to get me. As you can see, my foster mom is smitten with me. We even stopped by Wendy’s to get some amazing chicken nuggets to celebrate. Mmmmm Mmmmm… were they delicious. I am still recovering from my surgeries and my spirit is positive. I will check back in after my heartworm treatment next week. Until then, if I can get a few prayers, I would really like that.

12/1/18 Update:  I loved my photo shoot today! I am a girly girl who loves to play dress up. All the pretty decorations in my foster house brighten up my spirits. Due to my good behavior, I get to stay out of my crate and lounge on the family couch. I don’t chew on furniture, nor have any accidents in the house. I play nice with everyone and love my foster siblings. Alumna Pooh and I are best friends. We keep each other company at night and during the day. She showed me how heavenly it is to lay my head on the couch pillows. If you can share my story and pics, I would be grateful. Plus, it may help me find a furever home!