Lilly Pad

Lilly Pad

Guess you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well, I had my soft palate surgery and a nose job at the end of March, so I’ve been relaxing and recovering. I feel so much better and I am sniffing everything! I have been eating soft food and my medicine is crushed up and mixed in my food.  

I have some big news: I found my forever family. 

My former foster mom, Renea, looked through all the approved applications and found the perfect mom and dad for me. They’ve had several Bulldogs, so they are experienced.

My foster mom told them all about me and my new mom even said she had dreamed of a Bulldog named “Lilly!” Well, that told her that this was meant to be.

I packed all my things, just in case, and I headed to Granbury to meet them. I was so excited!  

I arrived to find the perfect “sunning” spot by the door that has a view of the wild geese outside. There are also two parakeets and a cat in the house.

I knew I had found my forever home, so I unpacked my bag. One by one, I took all my toys to my new bed. I gave foster mom and dad kisses and told them I would keep in touch.

I want to send some kisses and hugs to the rescue, Dr. Larsen and everyone at Bright Star and Dr. Lay and Jeannie for helping me to breath better. Thank you for being patient and allowing me to find my perfect family. I was in rescue just over a year, but it was well worth the wait.

Hello all you bulldog lovers it’s me Lilly Pad in the house!  I know you might be looking at me and thinking you have seen this face before. Well, maybe.  But it was my daughter Caboose!  Back in September Caboose joined rescue.  And ever since then all I have thought about was me joining rescue to. I was so excited to see Caboose get all the medical help she needed. I watched as she lost weight,  grew stronger and was finally able to run like the wind.  Now it is my turn.  

A couple weeks ago I had puppies during the arctic freeze, and sad to say none of them survived.  With no heat and nothing to keep them warm they were just not strong enough.  Right then and there I knew my days of making babies was over.  I sent a SOS out to rescue, packed my backpack and here I am.  

I went to see Dr. Larsen on Wednesday and I told her to fix me up so I could find my very own sofa.  Well Dr. Larsen said I was running a fever,  my fur was very thin,  and my ears were infected, and I still had stitches in.  And I would be at the clinic for a while. So……I face timed Caboose and told her the good news I was is rescue I and showed her me sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap and she squealed like a pig!  The best news ever is that in the coming weeks Caboose is coming to see me and I consider that a huge win-win.  I am 3 years old, and I weigh 36 pounds and I am going to just love my new life in rescue!

4/13/21 Update:  She has had a great couple of weeks, exploring the inside of a home and learning to be a loved dog.

Lilly is 3 years old and weighs about 35 lbs. She is definitely the smallest Bulldog our house has ever seen! Foster ma does want to hold her like a baby because no other resident is this tiny! She loves the kisses, snuggles and pets and will stay perfectly still for these activities. Then she is off like lightning, happily running through the house, hoping you will chase her. She keeps us smiling and laughing because she is quite the character.

Because Lilly has only known a life of being a momma, she is learning what it’s like to live just as a member of the family. She knows to do her business when she is outside and we have a parade for her when she does it, but will urinate in her crate every night. This is what she has known for three years and it’s going to take some time for that to stop, if ever. Her forever family will need to be patient with this and give her the grace that she deserves. Foster ma just washes her crate pad and blankets every morning… It’s not a big deal.

Lilly loves her food and is treat motivated, though she prefers to take her treat away from the crowd to enjoy solo. LOL

A home without small children would be best for her because she still startles easily.

Lilly is full of hijinks and fun, loving to steal shoes off your feet and blankets must be taken down to the floor, off the couches. You can’t get mad at her, as she is just so happy! She is getting along very well with all of her foster siblings and will try to engage any of them to play.

5/10/21 Update:  Boy, what an exciting couple of weeks I have had! My skin and coat look amazing, thanks to some really good grub, along with supplements and fish oil in each meal. It’s “good-for-you stuff,” but I don’t care. Just throw it in there.

I continue to learn the lay of the land and rules of living inside a home. I have the most fun toys and softest blankets. I sure do love those. I love my blankets so much that I’m still marking them with my scent. I’ve never had my own! Foster Mom says I am improving every day as I learn about potty time being outside.
I do love to be outside, lying in the sun. It feels so goooood! I even got to hang out with Foster Mom while she planted more flowers.
I’m still learning not to nibble on fingers and toes, so a family with bigger kids would be better. Also someone who will be very patient with me and my house training. I was a momma and I just don’t know any better. I guess I should tell you I do love shoes, too. 😬
Some of my foster siblings I get along with… some, I don’t. I really do want all the attention you have, so I think another dog in my forever home that is very independent and not needy of your attention would be A-OK with me.
I really love cuddle time and you can give me kisses allllll the time because I just love it. Can you be that family for me?

8/2/21 Update:  I have been absent for a bit, as I was moving into my new foster home.  My original foster parents, Renea and Dave, moved away and I decided I wanted to stay in Texas.

I moved in with Pearl, who is my foster sister. I really miss my foster parents, so it has taken me awhile to adjust. Pearl has been keeping me company and when she is not looking, I try to take her toys.  

I am still working on my potty training, but I do like to mark all my blankets and beds just because that’s what I am used too. I’m a work in progress and I’m trying really hard. 

I am a really tiny Bulldog and I get along with most dogs. I am not too fond of the smaller ones in the house, though. I love, love kids too.  I also love to sunbathe and I totally think I have that “Tongue Out Tuesday” thing down!  

I am still reviewing approved applicants tp be my forever family. If you like a small Bulldog who could be a lap dog, I may be your girl!

10/25/21 Update:  Lily Pad checking in….Nothing new going on in my bully world until this past weekend.  First Foster Mom told me I was going to have to take a bath. Of course I questioned – Uh why??  Well she explained that I was going on a “play date” with one of her former foster bullies and that she was hoping I would remember him. Well, I was not sure what a “play date” was but I was kind of curious as to whom this other bully was.

I was so excited to get in the car and go for a ride. When we arrived at “his house” I trotted up to the door and tried to let myself in. When I saw this bully, he looked so familiar, he kind of looked like me, and then I was so happy…he was my brother!  He jumped on the rescue wagon almost a year ago, and is now living with this wonderful family and has a Beagle sister. You all may remember him as “Bruzer” but he goes by “Rufus” now. His sister is Mia.

We hugged, jumped around and we sat around on his and Mia’s pool lounger. I was even nice to Mia, which surprised foster mom as I am not too fond of the Frenchie or Scottie dogs at my foster home.

I had the best time catching up and I told him we would keep in touch and maybe another play date? I am so ready to find my own forever family, so I can relax and lounge by the pool too.

1/25/22 Update:   I love to sit by the window in the sun. This is one of my favorite things to do. I am also a great helper when it comes to sorting the laundry. I like to start a pile of blankets, socks, towels and I will throw in some shoes, if I find them. When Foster Mom is looking for a misplaced item, I just tell her to look in my collection. I mean, my pile that I “sorted” for her. If you have a big picture window and need help with the laundry, I may be the right pup for you.

2/5/22 Update:  What is this cold, white stuff on the ground? I had to be nudged to go out a few times. When I finally did, I managed to find a little bit of grass. I hope it goes away soon!