Life isn’t always fair and for poor Lola, it certainly hasn’t been.  Lola lived a great life with a loving family until she was viciously attacked by a stray dog roaming her neighborhood.  Her family did everything they could but being financially strapped and with Lola’s medical bills mounting had no choice but to let rescue step in.  Every attempt was made to save her front right leg, but it had to be amputated.  Lola has lived 7 years with 4 legs and is now having to learn to live with 3 which is not easy….

Lola captures the heart of everyone she comes in contact with.  Through all the horrible pain she has never even nipped at the Vet or staff.  She lets you do what you need to help her heal, while keeping her precious spirit.  Lola will most likely need therapy to help her learn to walk properly and gain strength.  Bulldogs are very top heavy which makes loosing a front leg even more difficult.

Lola is now in a foster home and is doing great considering what she has been through.  She is terrified of other dogs so is being kept separated from her four legged foster siblings.  Lola must be carried outside to do her business, she has yet to gain the coordination or strength to walk that far.  Everyday she works on standing and taking a few steps.  Watch this short video of Lola:

Lola is a survivor with a big heart and she will overcome the awful hand she was dealt.  When Lola is ready for adoption she will be healed, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and on a heartworm preventative.  Her adoption fee will be $475.

“If you could donate to help with the cost of the Lola’s surgery plus the physical therapy if she needs it would be a tremendous help! You can make a donation by filling out the “Sponsor This Bully” to the right of  her bio.”