Sweet Lola Magnolia has found her forever home! Her new family was the perfect match and are nothing short of amazing. Lola will always know nothing but love. We will sure miss your cuddles, Lola Magnolia, and our house isn’t quite the same without you, but knowing you are loved by such an amazing family brings us so much joy.

Yesterday, The Six Pack grew by two members! From volunteer Ronnie: Lola (age 4) and Petunia (age 7) joined our rescue family. They came from the same breeder in Conroe where we got The Six Pack last week. They are very bonded and really like staying side by side. Petunia is already spayed, but will need her eyes addressed. Lola needs to be spayed. Other than that, they look pretty healthy. Their skin is in better shape than the others in The Six Pack. When you put a leash on Lola, get ready for a show. She runs around and jumps in the air and twists. She reminds me of a bucking bronco. Wish I had been able to take a video today. One exciting thing is that they got to meet their “sister” Zoie at the clinic and they all danced with each other.

6/12/17 Update:  She writes: Lola Magnolia checking in from the life of luxury! If I can tell you one thing, and you will listen, let me tell you: I LOVE my life! Everything about my life is wonderful. I am walking on a leash and I must say that for a full-figured gal, I have got it going on! I have a waddle that makes people stop and stare. I went to the hardware store last night and at first, I was really, really scared of all the noises and all the people wanting to pet me. But my foster mom said, “Lola Magnolia, those are just people that have never seen such beauty and it will be OK.” And it was.

A lot of people ask if they could take me home right there on the spot! I was like, “NO, because after this, I am going to get ice cream!” And I did! I LOVE ice cream! I didn’t know I was suppose to lick it. I gulped it and like magic, the ice cream and cone was gone all at once. Well, that was a shocker because from then on, I had to just sit and watch my friend, Luna, eat her ice cream like a lady. The longer I stared, the longer it took Luna to eat her ice cream. Pure torture. I am having ice cream again today and I will lick and not gulp. I am ready for my very own family, with maybe some kids that like ice cream. And not fat-free, carb-free, taste-free… I am talking real ice cream for me!

6/20/17 Update:  Sweet Lola, what can I say she is absolutely perfect in every way. She has only been with us a few days now but she is the sweetest little girl ever! She is easy going, loves to rest on the couch and snuggle with you whenever she can. She is good about going out to take care of business then she wants right back in. She would be the perfect addition to any family as she is so easy going, gentle and loving. She has done well around our dog with no issues and I feel she would be great with children of all ages.

7/17/17 Update:  Lola is just the sweetest girl around. She is loving, playful and would make the perfect addition to any family. She loves to eat and does a great job cleaning up the floors that may have any stray kibble on them. If you’re looking for an easy-going, couch-loving, fun Bulldog, this girl is for you!