Lola July

Lola July

I had an amazing weekend! I spent the night with a really nice lady named Cindy, while my foster mom went camping. I received so much attention, I loved it! 

When I got home, my foster mom was telling me that a really nice family was headed into town to meet me. They saw me on Facebook and decided they just had to meet me. They loved me from the very beginning. Actually, I think they loved me before they met me. 

I was a little nervous, but my foster mom told me to just be myself and that there  would be no way they wouldn’t just scoop me up. 

Well, let’s just say on Monday morning, I left rescue. I have a new address in Lubbock, Texas. 

I am now known as Lola Taylor and I have a forever mom and dad! Thank you to everyone who helped me get a last name!

Hello everyone, it’s me, Lola July. I was so thankful when I was taken to a local shelter. After all, I was covered in fleas and was scratching from my head to my tail. I always dreamed about my “golden year’s” but they didn’t seem so “golden” after all. My idea of retirement was laying on a sofa watching TV and not sitting outside in the heat scratching all over.

My family loaded me up and dropped me off and said they just did not have time for me any longer. Perfectly fine by me. As I stood in the shelter lobby fleas where jumping off me. When I jumped in the rescue wagon fleas where jumping off me, and all the rescue lady did was tell me I was beautiful. She told me there was a pill that would help with the fleas and after a medicated bath I would feel so much better. She was right. I am now flea free and proud to be.  

I sat with Dr. Larsen and she told me I was the sweetest lady and that in no time at all she would have me ready to meet a new family. I am so excited about a new family where everyone will love me and keep me flea-free! My name is Lola July, and no one really knows how old I am. So I am thinking I am maybe 5 or I may be 3. We will let Dr. Larsen decide for sure.

9/13/21 Update:  Lola has been sprung from the clinic and she clearly has a few things to learn… Like how to ride in a car!

It’s apparent that toys and a couch is a must for this girl! Stay tuned to see how fabulous this girl is!

10/1/21 Update:  Hey Lola, I’m pretty sure all paws are meant to go on the floor not on tables!

Lola July is doing great in her foster home. She is 100% house trained, very gentle with a little side of ornery, and dominate. Lola loves humans and is very affectionate. Lola is doing great adjusting to the other pups but is still unsure of them. She doesn’t play with them but will play with people. She potties with the group both male and female and will sun bath with the group. Right off the bat she claimed her space, her toys, and she doesn’t really like to share. We are slowly working on sharing.

10/6/21 Update:  Happy hump day folks! Lola July here and I just want to say that I am one happy and loving pup! I would love to find a family that will shower me with hugs, rubs, and kisses. I would love to follow you around and just be in the same room as you. I don’t like being in a kennel or being separated from the humans, I am not unruly, it just makes me sad to not be with humans. I don’t think I have to be the only thing with fur but I am very particular on who I might share things with and you won’t catch me snuggling up to anything with fur. Not yet anyways! It’s not that I don’t like the other pups, it’s just taking me a while to figure them out. In the meantime I’ll be working on my socializing skills as I wait for my perfect family.