Lola Nicole

Lola Nicole

Lola Nicole has been adopted!!  Lola finally found her perfect FurEver Family! She is blessed with an amazing mommy & daddy, 2 skin brothers, 1 seriously adorable skin sister, and a furbrother (Jessie) that is fast as lightening! All her dreams of Happily FurEver After have finally come true, and she’s not wasting a single moment of snuggle & play time!

Please welcome four year old Lola Nicole to rescue!! Lola’s mother recently had a baby and had to move back home where her Dad would not let any dog in the house. Lola has been living outside getting sprayed with the water hose to keep her from dying. Better days ahead for this sweet girl.

9/6/16 Update:  If you’ve ever wondered what happens to souls after they cross the rainbow bridge, Lola is living proof that they come back to earth in another form. Affectionately nick-named: Lola, the Toy Destroyer, this girl is a hodgepodge of beautiful creatures all rolled into one 42 lb package. She LOVES to fetch like a retriever, has the ninja-like speed of a cheetah, the attention span of a squirrel, prances like a reindeer when bringing you her favorite toy, has big floppy ears like a bunny, loves to snuggle like a koala, walks on a leash like a cat being bathed, gives soft & delicate kisses like a butterfly, has jaws for chewing like a true BULLY 🙂 and holds the heart and fighting spirit of a lion, all within one dainty little girl! Lola is so happy and excited to be included as part of a family that she just cannot contain her excitement. We still check her kennel trying to find the secret stash of RedBull that she is pulling her never-ending supply of energy from, but I guess when she left her days of outside isolation behind, she literally got her second wind at life. Not wanting to waste a single moment, Lola only goes at two speeds: Crazy On, or Exhausted Off! Of coarse this means that manners have been an important focus: don’t jump up, don’t be bossy and try to take your foster brother/sister’s food, don’t beat up on big brother just because you can, and our favorite: walking with a harness is not equivalent to a rodeo, bucking and flailing is not entertaining or appropriate in the middle of PetsMart!

So stay tuned for the continued adventures of Lola, the Toy Destroyer. I can promise she’ll make it one wild ride!

10/3/16 Update:  After another few weeks of living the good life under her belt, Lola is really transforming physically and emotionally. She’s up to 47lbs now, you can’t see her rib bones anymore, and she continues to increase her appetite (nearly 3 cups/day)! No doubt she burns a ridiculous amount of calories from never-ending fetch, wrestling & tug-o-war sessions with her foster brother, but we’ve learned that she values meals/treats VERY highly, and can display wanna-be alpha tendencies if she feels she deserves more than what’s been given. Lola made the mistake of interrupting her foster sister, Queen Riley, to try and steal the breakfast Lola deemed she was eating to slow, and it was on! Lesson learned on her end, but Lola always keeps an eye open for any opportunity for extra food, earning her one of many new monickers: Miss Piggy!

Learning to walk on a leash is an ongoing process, but she loves being outside and spending quality time with her foster family. Lola responds well to correction, but time and consistency are needed for her to retain the many new lessons she is leaning. She’s finally starting to show excitement when the harness is brought out for walks vs. the ‘challenge accepted’ rodeo mentality required to wrangle her in the beginning 🙂 She still prances like a reindeer about 40% of the time, back legs driving towards the adventures waiting around every corner, and front legs off the ground like Rudolph about to take flight with Santa’s sleigh, but at least the focus is on the walk and not on escaping the harness!

Inside manners are improving every day. She takes treats softly, knows Sit, is currently learning Shake, and understands that when mom bellows EASY, it’s time to tone it down with the wrestling. Her love for chewing requires a stronger brand of toys though. ‘Lola, The Destroyer’ has made it clear that she’s a strong girl and she expects her toys to keep up! When given the proper selection she will entertain herself for hours, however when the selection is not up-to-par, substitutions must be made and casualties will be suffered–Stuffed animals beware!

Lola has learned that getting on the furniture is a privilege and she must be invited up. However, the moment the magic “up” word is spoken, she is on a mission to make your heart melt with snuggles and kisses of appreciation! Lola will nearly purr with love when she’s given the chance to show her affection. She’s also a master FAKER when it comes time to get down and go to her bed, she will suddenly snore and act dead asleep like she’s trying to win an Oscar with her ruse 😉 Foster mom is onto her games, but she knows foster dad is a push-over for a sleeping angel!

Lola gets along great with other Bulldogs. Although she submits when challenged by a true alpha, she will always try to push her luck at changing the hierarchy. This results in some time-out sessions every now and then, but once the ‘Miss Middle-Child’ temper tantrum has passed, she’s back to the wrestle mania addict we all know and love. Her reaction to non-Bulldogs REQUIRES a slow introduction process. She is a very friendly girl and loves nothing more than to play, but she cannot feel challenged for food or attention by another pup or she will see them as a threat to her newfound life of luxury. Once she’s had time to build confidence with new visitors, it’s playtime as usual. However, the matter of sharing space with a kitty-kitty is currently a No-Go on her list. It seems that Lola doesn’t understand what a cat is, and the moment one makes noise she reacts by making some of her own–>barking and snorting like a bull waiting for her “Ole” moment! She doesn’t like the water bottle squirt response she gets with that behavior, but this particular leaning curve may take extra time for her.

Lola continues to blossom and will make a great FurEver baby to any family that’s willing to show her patience as she learns. We believe in her….do you?? Fill out an application today and stay tuned for more updates on her exciting adventures!