Lola Palooza

Lola Palooza

We’re excited to let you know about a new partnership with Vermont English Bulldog Rescue! That group graciously agreed to take in a few of our dogs to help us “balance our ship.” Foster girl, Lola Palooza was safely transported to Vermont a couple days ago and has already been adopted. We’re so grateful to have this help from another hardworking rescue group and we can’t wait to hear about his happy ever afters!

Palooza has been adopted. Story and picture to follow.

I am looking for a valentine! That’s right. When I turned the calendar and realized this month was the month for LOVE, I was ready to goooo! I am all about love. 

On Thursday, when I hopped up in the rescue wagon, I sat looking out the back window and you are not going to believe what happened. A truck driver got right behind me and was honking, waving and trying to get my attention. I will say I wiggled all over!  

For 60 miles, he flirted with me. I think he wanted me to be his road dog. If the rescue wagon driver had pulled over, I would have gotten out and gotten in with him. He was one cute fella. 

But as luck would have it, she didn’t pull over. When we exited the highway, he kept on going and that love connection was lost forever. It made me realize, though, that this gal right here can still turn some heads! 

Enough about me losing my truck driver. Here are some facts about me….

My baby making days are behind me. That option was closed a few years back when my family had me spayed. 

My only problem is that I LOVE the male dogs, but the female dogs are so jealous of me that I want to fight with them. And plain and simple, my family had other females and the tension got to them. 

I tried to behave myself, but before you knew it, another lady was trying to get in my business and the fight was on. That’s why I like the boys. They don’t want to get in my face!

One night, we sat down at the kitchen table and everyone agreed I could leave. My dad was super sad and he told me I could always come back if no one else wanted me. I assured him that people would want me, so he wiped away the tears and reminded me that ladies don’t fight ladies. I laughed and said, “Sometimes, ladies do fight ladies and one of those ladies is me!” 

So, my new family needs to be female-dog free. Or it will be cool if I can be the only dog in the family.

4/28/22 Update:  What is there not to like about Lola? They say she doesn’t like the other ladies, but if you’ve got a nice gentle male dog in the house…she’s ready to come stay forever!She’s that gentle lady with those awesome brindle tiger stripes.  That sweet caboose of hers sways back and forth when she walks. And a nub tail to boot! Let me tell you she’s great on the leash!  Another lover of soft, gentle brushing, once you start, she won’t want let you stop!

5/5/22 Update:  Who’s the biggest Mavs fan? That would be our girl, Lola Palozza! 

She showed off her love for the team today. After she did, she was ready to relax! That’s good ol’ Lola… A little exercise, a little team pride, then off to sleep.