Miss Lollibear has relocated to Granbury with a wonderful family of Bulldog lovers.
Banita and Chad know and love Bulldogs. My wife Meg and I bask in the comfort that Lolli will enjoy an idyllic home. She will have a year old Bulldog, Miss Roxy, as a playmate, her own apartment, and a fountain, so she need not drink out of the watering can. 🙂
Banita teaches American Sign Language (ASL). She and Chad brought Miss Roxy to our meet and greet on Saturday. Both communicated with Roxy using ASL. Roxy sits when she sees the ASL sign. She calms down with another sign.
Banita showed me a video of her training Roxy to retrieve figures from the toy box using sign language. What a hoot! She signs for gorilla, or whale, or cow, and Roxy fetches the corresponding toy. Does this family cherish their Bulldogs?
Get this! Banita, a teacher, and Meg, a registered nurse, married “Geeks in Good Standing” who graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Chad holds a nuclear engineering degree, while mine is civil.
The parting today was “sweet sorrow,” to quote Billy Shakes from Romeo and Juliet.
Away I rode off, with a piece of your heart
As my adoptive family gave me a new start
But I heard you exclaim, with a tear in your eye
Fare thee well dear Bullie, but never goodbye
Are not we so blessed?


Hello everyone, it’s me Lollibear joining rescue!  I hitched a ride with my friend Harley Carley. Can you believe she tried to leave without me?  That’s right, she tried to sneak out the door while I was having a snack.  And before you say I look like I have had too many snacks just know I am fine with the way I look.  I love to eat.  I call myself “big boned.”  It was a super sad day when my Dad told us goodbye.  On several other occasions he was going to let us join rescue , we would get as far as the car and then we would turn around and we would go back inside. But life was changing and my Dad was working more away from home and he did not want us by ourselves all the time. I am like a social butterfly and not getting to sit in a lap was really hard on me. I am 5 years old and on Monday I am going to go sit in Dr. Larens lap, tell her what kind of family I am looking for and I am sure there is a perfect family out there just for me!

10/19/20 Update:  Lollibear arrived at the vet clinic and weighed in at 77 pounds! Dr. Larsen called her “moderately obese” and would like her to lose 15 pounds. The diet started today.

She really is just as sweet as her name. She has a slight limp on her right rear leg. She has a tail pocket infection and will most likely require surgery. She has an eye ulcer and will require entropion surgery. Both of her ears are infected and have been treated. She has some flank alopecia, but that’s simply cosmetic.
The most concerning issue is a possible UTI. Her urine is blood red! They took urine today and will do X-rays for any bladder stones. She has a malformation of her vulva that causes it to twist and fold back on itself. This makes it impossible for her to completely drain her bladder, thus contributing to the UTI. Dr. Larsen will need to perform a vulvoplasty to correct this.
Please keep Lollibear in your thoughts as we get her on the road to recovery!

12/24/20 Update:   Lollibear here reporting on the latest sojourns on a Bulldog’s trek to her furever home. Foster peeps are already calling me Lolli and LolliB. You can even call me Big Tex, but don’t call me Tiny. Earlier this week, the Doc Shop, where they called me LolliPop, found me fit to find a foster family.

My interim roadhouse, Chez Maison Ménard BBnB, sports four other girl Bulldogs so farewell to worries. The fur gang raves about the food fare, but my dogtor’s prescribed a diet. A what? Isn’t a diet for solons in Japan? Pardon the otiose observation.

Bikini season looms perpetually distant. Moreover, I model the au naturel jeune fille so what fuss? Nevertheless, I have steeled my resolve to reduced rations for a while, but if you can sneak a covert canape from time to time…

In a fortunate stroke, I scored me a recently renovated guest apartment! The capacious quarters boast a waterproof floor covering, a private she-shed, an extra luxurious bed, a cozy dining nook, plus ample play area for my bag of toys. The acclimation plan continues until comfort with the crowd and climate rules the day. Fortunately, my apartment is opposite the doggy dormitory, so my fur sisters and I can become better acquainted in the short term, as well as share the symphonic serenade throughout the night.

Whew, what hectic holidays. I have been invited to close a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue Christmas Carol Canine Chorale concert with a solo – something about “when the fat lady sings.” Plus, I engage in flight straining starting tomorrow. You got that straight, I will don my reindeer antlers and learn to fly. Being a wide body, I might need a longer runway.

Want some holiday cheer? What is the difference between reindeer and caribou? Reindeer can fly. What did the astronaut want for Christmas? A missle toe.

Looking for a comical canine at your house? I am teaching my foster parents about me and should be ready to move in to a furever home soon.  Merry Christmas from Lollibear

12/25/20 Update: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers of Bullie Nation, Kudos to Santa Paws for finding fur-ever homes for deserving Bullies and families during this wonderful season.

Since gracing these foster digs, I have learned a lot about myself that you adoptive ilk need to know.   For instance, the privilege of family membership conveys responsibilities.  Mine include hygienic and protective obligations.

I am naturally curious, so foster peeps suggested home inspection detail.  See me scrutinizing the bathroom countertop.  Secretly, I wonder where they stash the toys and goodies.  Hmm, none here.  Where ever do they hide the good stuff…

I also must guard the doggy domicile.  In this photo, I defend the garage exit, where foster dad left on his way to the food emporium.  When he returns, and needs help with the victuals, who better to serve in this role?

If a picture is worth a thousand woofs, how many woofs equal a video?  While you do the math, check out the cinematic clip of me running to foster mom’s arms.  My name lilted on her dulcet tones thrills me.   I gallop to her and attempt to leap my lunk into her lap. I crave affection; it is my greatest asset.

In BIG Christmas news, guess what all we pups Chez Maison Ménard BBnB found under the tree?   A Bulldog Happy Hour gift of marked down Beef Dog-enough.  I know nuttin’ about marked down, or Dog-enough, but I know me some beef!  The rest tasted like egg noodles and brown gravy.  The culinary staff finished the nosh with melted cheddar.  Can you spell Merry Christmas LSBCR? Whew, all this holiday celebrations tires a pup so while I take a nap, you complete an app.  Love, Miss Lollibear

12/29/20 Update:  Well hello again to all you Lollibear lovers,  Did someone say inveterate playfulness? The attached video of playing with one of my toys conveys my heart’s joy.  If only I had a family that could play with me full time…  Well, a girl can dream and I will do so until my dreams come true.  I am that kinda girl!

Ever eager to meet you, I wonder if every visitor to our door rings for me.  I think that this pose makes me look svelte.  Do you svgree?

My foster peeps prep me for your arrival so that the mutual joy of our union awaits only your action.  I socialize well with all the Bullie sisters here but one continues to question my rank in this pack.  “Hey old lady, I am just passing through these parts, as we say in old Texas flicks.  Some loving family will soon scoop me into their hearts, so just chill!”

Yesterday, foster dad trimmed some garden herbs and delivered bags to the abutters, showing me off on the perambulation.  Would you believe it, one of the new neighbors asked about adopting a rescue Bullie. Wow, as you peeps say, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

Our parting gift was the advice of jumping in line with an application.  My foster parents have pronounced me swuitable to sweep you into my charms so why are you waiting? Love, Lollibear.

1/11/21 Update:  This week marks a watershed in my course through Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. After a month’s respite in my foster digs, how I appreciate rescue’s many selfless volunteers who fashion the future of Bulldogs. Safety, medical care, security, scrumptious dining, love, happiness, and the chance for renewal in the form of a new furever home make me one very lucky lassie. My fondest dreams snuggle me into a loving home. As a princess, my foster peeps will ensure that this fairy tale comes true.

Imagine my fantasy: a furever family welcomes me onto the sofa (dare I dream the bed?). I crave human affection and attention. Look up “BIG Lover” in your Bulldog/Biped Dictionary and you will see my picture!
Although faithful at conducting my business outside, “quick on the trigger” doesn’t describe my speed. I reconnoiter, sniff out the best spot, and leisurely exhaust the excreta. It helps when you sing, “Go Potty Miss Lolli,” to the strains of Little Richard’s classic, “Good Golly Miss Molly.” It moves me, if you get my drip.
In this photo, I rest in one of the she-sheds spaced about this BBnB. These quarters, though small compared to my guest apartment, offer solitude and comfort when sister Bulldogs want my time and attention.
Here’s the deal for you potential adoptive families. My foster family has pronounced me A-OK to adopt so exactly for what and why are you waiting? I want to be your match!
1/10/21 Update:  How many videos must I send to demonstrate my repertoire? I patrol the outfield, kick butt at soccer, tug-o-war, keep away, dodge ball, fetch, and more. You supply the toy, I will teach you the game.
Wow, how I love to run. The more weight I winnow, the swifter I sprint. After I “evacuate” outside, Foster Dad opens the back door and I dog dash inside at total tilt, charging across this BBnB and into my apartment across from the doggy dormitory. Ahh, respite, comfort, and security. When I attain bikini physique, I might challenge a Greyhound to a race, but for now, I just strut my stuff.
All of this reminds me to announce my terms of adoption. Foster peeps have fully rehabilitated and evaluated me; I am good to go. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I cherish all who have brought me to this state of furever happiness.
Food: My weight-loss regime keeps me healthy. Foster pawrents will give you the diet skinny (oops, I repeat myself).
Food: You either eat to live or live to eat, but we Bulldogs dismiss differentiation.
Love: Reciprocal full time love. After food and love, all else falls into place.
Play: Need I say more?
Toys: Ditto.
BHH: Bulldog Happy Hour pleases me.
All else: Just ask my peeps and they will help you.
When you adopt me, foster peeps will weep, but for joy, not sorrow. Another Bulldog needs my spot here. When my furever family finds me, this Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue foster family will make another Bulldog’s life as wonderful as mine.
1/15/21 Update:  This week, I escorted Foster Dad, riding shot gun and looking “mahvalous.”
Please do not mistake me as just another pretty face. I work to earn my keep, serving in this trek as navigator. I can smell a store that sells pet food, toys and medical services. No need for GPS with annoying snark like “Make a U turn” exits my maw.
We visited a vet for a weigh-in and tonometry. I thought that tonometry meant a puppuccino or slice of dessert. Alas, a pressure gauge pushed into my eyes to determine if I had Oklahoma. Who wants Oklahoma in the eyes? In the rear view mirror, yeah, but not in the eyes.
My foster dad explained that my Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue dogtor worried about glaucoma, which she ruled out because my test values are well below limits. I do suffer from insufficient tear production, just as I see on TV ads for you bipeds. Fortunately, this condition is easily controllable with lube, antibiotics and eye drops.
As to my weigh-in, a little fanfare please. I tipped the scale at 70.6 pounds, down 10% from my 77 pound max and 1+ pound per week since moving into this BBnB. The fur sistren at this BBnB can no longer torment me with snide comments such as, “Do you think that her harness makes her butt look big?” No more fat jokes for me. As a Texan, I just may adopt “Slim” as my nickname as I traverse this trimming trail.
Happy describes my demeanor. And how I hope to make your family happy too. Send in your apps and my Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue champions will help match me to the best family for me!
1/25/21 Update:  Ciao mi amici. The Italian word “ciao,” is pronounced “chow,” as in “food,” so who’s with me? It means hello and goodbye.
A few days ago, Foster Dad attired me in finery, a looser 3XL harness. At the sight of this formal wear, I dance excitedly, as when steak dinner headlines the Bulldog Happy Hour menu. The routine collar and leash signifies mundane outside business or a trip to the groomer. But the harness trumpets a special date with Foster Dad in the Bulldog Limo. The limo is a customized Subaru built last century that transports us precious Bulldogs around town and country a la haute couture.
On the “lighter” side, I lost another 1.5 pounds, now 69.0, on my dive to a 60-pound physique. The folks at the doggy hospital remarked on my beauty. Well, who wouldn’t?
In this photo, I chill with my pet squeaky snake. Usually, the gate is open, but I wanted alone time with my toy. I like all my toys and do not see the need share them.
We recently ventured to the local vet for another eye test. Alas, my pressure was too high so I now take medicated drops. My dogtor wants me to visit an “optimisthologist.” I think that means someone who is hopeful about fixing my eyes. “Eye” am all for that!
More pupdates to follow soon. In the interim, I will be pawing through your apps. Foster Mom and Dad will advise, but I will make the final decision.
My peeps have promised to welcome another rescue waif once my new family takes me home. That comforts and encourages me that my spot will be filled by another deserving Bulldog. Everyone at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue creates a world of promise and love for us Bulldogs.

2/7/21 Update:  It is I, Miss Lollibear, fetching good tidings.  Foster Dad has recorded some observations, which I proudly recite.

My inquisitive nature ranks high among my many charms.  An open cabinet or closet door sparks my curiosity.  Mandatory investigation ensues, especially where food finds storage.  The hall closet hid bagged dog food so I attempted to sleep there.  Alas, I repaired to my updated and spacious apartment with all the amenities of which I never dreamed.  I know how to live large.


Did you notice my shaved backside?  I call it the Lolli lift!

Inspiring style fads brings me followers and #trends on social media.


Dogs’ intelligence attracts us to you humans.  Mine exceeds that of most.  When I smell Bulldog Happy Hour preparation, I skedaddle to my apartment, where foster mom or dad deliver room service to me.  Do I have them trained or what?

As my security and confidence levels increase at this BBnB, my temperament and intrinsic benign nature emerge and blossom.  My sweetness rivals that of Pachebel’s Canon in D played by a string quartet.


As to playfulness qualities, show me a toy and “game on”.   I do not play as much as want here because the four other Bullies (vintage ladies) show no interest. I think that kids would unleash my sporting spirit, but alas, no young ‘uns inhabit this BBnB.  Do you have any at your home?  Bring them when you visit for our meet and greet.

A few weeks ago, I requested that foster peeps relocate my she shed from my apartment to the main doggie living salon where all the other Bullies hang out in all their she sheds.   It is cool; we all socialize and behave so other dogs rate AOK with me

I do not have a date for Valentine’s Day, but if you seek the best gift ever, come see about me.Love, Miss Lollibear

2/24/21 Update:  Update from foster girl Lollibear: Ciao, bon jour, buenos dias, Gooten Tag, Dzień dobry, доброе утро, shalom, and salaam allaykum,

No, I am not singing a chorus from the Sound of Music. Miss Lollibear at your service admitting to boredom. I didn’t want to visit outside last week except for hygiene. The old lady fur sisters here don’t want to play with me, so I amused myself by listening to foreign language recordings, thus the affectation in my greeting.
Get this, I even learned a little Latin. Can you translate this sentence? “Sic gloria transit mundi.” Nope, that’s wrong. It means, “Gloria got sick on the bus on Monday.” Pretty smart Bulldog, hey?
I know how to live a full life and want to share these blessings with you. I can snooze, but you can lose if you do not act fast. Apply to adopt and maybe you’ll be matched to me!
Check out this photo of me helping to clean up the residual ice on the pool deck. And you thought that I was just a pretty face.
Ciao, au revoir, hasta la próxima, Auf Wiedersehen, Do widzenia, До свидания, shalom, and allaykum salaam.
3/15/21 Update: Miss Lollibear here, happily pawing at the keys and wishing a happy spring to everyone from fur friends and skin strangers.
My foster peeps escorted me outside alone today, so I could play and enjoy the mild weather. It required no coaxing. Show me the toys and “Laissez les bon temps roulez!”
On move-in day to my foster home, I toted all my toys with me, but that was mid-December. The conditions since have discouraged field and track games. But today, my spirit raced free.
All of us Bulldogs want boundless love, gourmet meals, medical care, comfort, and security. Add extensive play time to this list and if you check all those boxes, I am your girl. Playful skin siblings would add an ideal dimension.
In the way of good news, I return to my dogtor this week so she can remove stitches on both upper and lower eye lids. My eye lashes were growing into my corneas. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue champions the causes of us Bulldogs so they sponsored this successful surgery. No more green eye boogers, and my ophthalmic health continues to improve. What a lucky and happy girl am I!
3/30/21 Update:  Well whoop dee doo, don’t spring feel good?
I enjoy helping Foster Mom with gardening tasks. I do not know a thistle weed from a rambling rose, but inhaling fresh air, soaking in the rays, and sharing her company stimulates my joie de vivre.
Horticulture tires a girl though so respite called. Playtime remains my option of choice. As I pranced yonder to the glass top patio table, what did I espy from beneath but bones or toys atop. Curious cutie that I am, the urge to investigate drove me to climb onto the gray containers and jump on the surface.
Are sticks toys? I did not like the taste, so to heck with chewing them. Foster Mom then explained to me what I had already discovered. Well, she meant well.
Yesterday, foster dad plucked some spinach from the cold weather pots and chopped it up to garnish our Bulldog Happy Hour. He said spinach provides iron, but for me, it was moxie. Are you looking for a gal with moxie?
4/13/21 Update:  You have seen me helping to water the plants. My work obligations pay for my upkeep, so I even guard the lettuce pots. But my biggest challenge was how to turn on the watering can to get a drink. I could not find a pedal to press, so I opted for lapping at the bowl brought out for the Bulldog brigade.