London Lilly

London Lilly

From the foster momma: London Lilly has been holding back some very exciting news… London found her forever family! This girl had a rough start to life and now has her forever family that just fell in love with her. She has her own dad, mom, two skin brothers, and a fur brother. London is a very special girl with some challenges ahead and her new family is perfect to help this girl blossom and thrive to become the best Bulldog she can be. Foster mom will always love you!

Please welcome 9-month-old London Lilly to our rescue family! She writes: I am loving my new life! If you’re looking for cool, calm and collected…. well, that is NOT me! I am young, fast and into everything 24/7. I am still just a big puppy and anyone that knows puppies knows I am doing just what puppies do.

Today, I sat in Dr. Larsen’s lap. I even climbed up and over and sat on the back of her chair. Dr. Larsen looked like she was wearing me as a wrap. Then we played “Catch Me If You Can.” Dr. Larsen could not catch me, so I won that game.

Other than having a lot of energy, I am pretty darn amazing. My ears stand straight up, so I have no problems hearing someone call my name for breakfast or for supper or for treats.

My perfect family will understand the energy of a puppy, have patience to teach me how to sit, stay and wait. They also will be active and include me on their outings, but most of all, they MUST LOVE BULLDOGS. So that’s really all about me. Just remember I have a lot of energy, but I also have a lot of love to give. I am really amazing… just wait and see.

10/10/19 Update:  Buckle your belt and hold onto your hat… London Lilly’s in the house! This baby girl is 2 ears, 4 legs, fur and nothing but energy. London has ears that are always on ALERT and always at attention. That’s just the way they are made. She makes me laugh every time I’m with her. People and playing are her things. If you are a person with PATIENCE, then London may be your girl.

London Lilly is 9 months old. She is a typical puppy – energy, energy and more energy. The day of our photo shoot, I did find that there is a limit to her energy, though. This girl was so tired on our late afternoon walk, that she just WALKED. Yes, you heard me right WALKED! London needs some manners (which we are working on). She also picks and chooses her dog friends, so it’s important for her to meet potential fur siblings or be an only child. She does like dogs, just not all dogs. We’re not sure about cats yet. London is a sweet, fun-loving baby who will bring a lot of fun, laughter and exhaustion (just kidding) to your life, but boy, is she worth it. With her, you get a two-in-one deal.
Bulldogs are not known for being the best guard dogs, but with those ears, she may let you know what’s going on in the whole neighborhood. So a Bulldog and a watch dog all in one!

I love London Lilly! I am taking my vitamins, so I can keep up on our next outing.