London found her forever home in San Antonio with Michael and Kirsta. London will have a skin brother and a fur brother to play with. London’s fur brother, Turbo, is half Bulldog, half Frenchie and will make a great companion. Michael and Kirsta were so excited to welcome London into their family. She is very lucky that her puppy mill days are behind her and she can now live the life she deserves. It was bittersweet seeing this very loving and sweet girl go, but it’s so wonderful to know she is now part of such a great family.

My name is London and at the puppy mill auction, I was number #279. I was born on April 26, 2014 in a puppy mill and there I lived having puppies until I was sold at an auction this past Saturday. My biggest fear was that I would be sold to another mill and my life of misery would continue… having litter after litter until I could no longer carry babies.

Saturday must have been my lucky day because instead of being sold to another mill, I was bought by a special group of people. My life will be spared the agony of so many that are still living in the mill. I was loaded up in a van with many French Bulldogs and some Douge de Bordeaux and headed south to Texas. The state of Missouri was in the rear view mirror. I was very nervous when I heard that I was going to transfer to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because I had no idea what to expect. But WOW… do I love them!

I have never walked on a leash, so most of the time I get carried. I loved to be carried, but today I got a new harness and leash so my carrying days just might be over soon.

My new name is London, not #279, and today starts the first day of the rest of my life… a life of freedom!

3/1/17 Update:  London is in the house! This girl loves everyone and cannot get enough attention. With her puppy mill days behind her, London is ready to be a special princess. London seems less fearful than some mill mamas, but she will still cower and lay on her side submissively when approached. London has fit in quite well and gets along with her fur sibling and is mannerly at mealtime. London just had her spay, so she is still recuperating. Foster mama is anxious for the sutures to come out so London can take walks and do all the things she has never done. London is just about perfect!

3/8/17 Update:  London  has had her spay stitches out and is ready to enjoy this great new life out of the puppy mill.  London had her first bath after her surgery and she is very soft and smells so sweet.  She enjoys a hug from foster mama and chewing on her Benebone.  London felt pretty in pink but was a bit fearful on her first walk.  She was anxious to return to her house.  It will take time and patience but London will get used to the sounds and sights of freedom.  In the meantime, she cannot get enough love from everyone.