Louie Armstrong

Louie Armstrong

I am so excited to tell y’all that I have found my furever family!

Mom and Dad drove three hours to come and meet me last weekend and it was love at first sight! Now I live with them on a bunch of land out in East Texas. I have lots of room to run around and explore! 

Oh and there are some cows and I help my dad feed them. I think they like me too… because they don’t spit on me like those llamas did. 

I get to help Mom in the kitchen when she’s cookin… I’m the cleanup master because I snatch up all the yummy bits that fall on the floor! I also have three fur sisters to play with. I could not be happier. I’m truly living my best life now!

I’ve had two great families in my life and have always been loved. 

My first family went their separate ways and I packed my backpack and went with my dad. We were like super buds. But then his job changed to a traveling job and that traveling did not include me. 

So again, I packed my backpack and moved in with my grandmother on a farm. And Green Acres was the place for me. Farm living was the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide… and that included animals on the farm! 

I had a lot of farm friends. Chickens and guineas, dogs and cats, horses and llamas. I loved them all. 

Well, most of them. I was always curious about the llamas and I was determined that we were going to be friends. I found them to be interesting creatures. They looked odd walking and looking over their shoulder at me. 

When I got too close, they would spit on me. I could be 15 feet away and here came the spit. At first, it was funny. Then it got to be annoying. And then the chase was on. I could run like the wind and when the llamas fur started flying, my grandmother got as mad as a old wet hen. 

Every day, it was, “Louie, leave the llamas alone!” “Louie, did you hear me? Leave the llamas alone.”  

I could not help myself. Grandmother loves her llamas. When a llama started running and they hit the farm fence and bounced off, I would creep back to the house and go sit in my bed. Mission accomplished. 

I will always believe that the mama llamas are the reason I left the farm. If they would have stopped spitting on me, I would have stopped chasing them into the fence.  

Anyway, all this is water under the bridge. 

I am 5 years old, I LOVE kids and female dogs. I love cats and walking in the evening, I love the farm life, but the city life works for me too. I do not need to move in with a family with llamas. Or probably horses. If the temptation is there, I just can’t help myself. I have to chase them ~ the devil makes me do it!

11/12/21 Update:  I have been enjoying life at my new foster home the past couple of days. It’s great…. there are no llamas here! 

My foster mom gives me lots of love and cuddles and I get treats when she’s cooking in the kitchen! I don’t like the veggie treats though. I mean, seriously. Who in the world thought carrots and cucumbers were treats anyhow? 

 Foster Mom says I’m perfect. 

 I said, “I know, right!?” 

*I go potty outside.

*I like sleeping in my crate at night.

*I like my fur sister who lives here.

*I like to go for walks and I don’t pull on my leash.

*I love giving kisses and cuddles.

*I don’t jump on the sofa unless I’m invited.

*I’m obedient.

*I rollover and let you know when I want belly rubs (which is basically ALL THE TIME)

The list goes on and on! 

I’m told that before I can find my forever home, I get to visit this awesome place called Bright Star Veterinary Clinic to make sure I’m healthy. 

I gotta go now –  I just heard a cheese wrapper open….