Lovey Cranberry

Lovey Cranberry

Today was Lovey’s lucky day! I have been telling her all week that 2022 was going to be her year because she was going to find her furever family this year.

Lovey woke me up early and we cuddled on the couch for a few hours before getting ready for the day. She has been the sweetest girl the past two weeks that she has been with us. We are really going to miss her cuddles and seeing her running around playing like a puppy but we know she is going to have a really good life with her new furever parents.

Tammy and Justin made the drive from Cleveland, TX this morning with their bulldog Dozer. They are experienced bulldog owners that have adopted from LSBCR in the past. They recently lost their bulldog Lucy and were looking for a companion for Dozer. Lovey instantly loved Tammy and Justin. She was so excited to get on the road to head to her new home that she almost forgot to tell us goodbye.

Lovey came into our lives a week after we lost our bulldog Chelsea. We were struggling with the loss and Lovey really helped us heal. She gave us lots of kisses and cuddles when she noticed that we were sad. We will always be grateful for her coming into our lives at the time that she did.

Happy adoption day Lovey! You deserve the best life.

I thought this was the perfect time to join rescue… Christmas time and all! I need to see the jolly ol’ St. Nick and let him know I have a new address.  

A few years back, I had a friend that joined rescue and her name was Mocha.  I watched her on social media and she found the most amazing home and ever since then, I’ve been just a little jealous. Now it’s my turn. 

My birthday is March 23 and I will be 2 years old. I am super excited about having a birthday party and wearing a birthday hat. I’m going to invite a lot of Bulldogs to my party because I love Bulldogs and I have gotten along with every dog that I have ever met. Every time my mom took me out for a walk around the neighborhood and I saw another dog, I just wanted to stop and play. I am one of those ladies who has never met a stranger.  

My mom was super sad when I left, but it was the right thing to do. My mom always told me that I was born to lay in a lap, be hand fed and go to the cutest boutiques for clothes and bows. I can hardly wait until Dr. Larsen sees me. She is going to jump for joy when I climb up in her lap!

1/3/22 Update:   I’m checking in from my new foster home! I left the vet clinic on Monday and all my friends were sad to see me go. I guess I made quite the impression on them while I was there.

My foster mom and dad picked me up and we headed to their house to meet their Bulldog, alumnus Snoop Dogg.

Day 1: I played hard! Like 10 full hours of playing with zero naps. I guess I was afraid that if I went to sleep, I’d wake up and it would have all just been a dream. I had so much fun playing with all the toys. At the end of the night, I decided to show my appreciation by giving my foster mom, foster dad and Snoop Dogg a bunch of kisses. I barked a few hours the first night because I was in a new place, but once my foster mom laid on the floor by my crate, I fell asleep and I slept the rest of the night.

Day 2: I played a lot, but also took some naps. Staying up all day is not for me. Snoop Dogg and I get along for the most part. There are some toys that he would prefer I not touch, but I don’t care what he says so we have a stare off until my foster mom and dad take the toy away from both of us. He also doesn’t appreciate me eating out of his food bowl, so we are working on that. Last night, I slept in my crate by my foster mom and dad’s bed and didn’t make a peep. 

Day 3: I have learned that if I bark, Snoop Dogg will bark, so we ran around the house barking for a little while. I think Snoop Dogg is starting to like me. I am really starting to feel at home here. Stay tuned for more stories about me.