Lucky has hit the jackpot of adoption. Check back for pics and a story. Congrats to all involved!

Hello bulldog friends. My name is Lucky and I am 6 years old!  I was dropped off at a local shelter  because my family had a baby and they think I made the baby sneeze.  I didn’t mean for that to happen. I heard someone say it was my fur, but I have the same fur I have always had, and if I must say so myself, my fur is furry and fabulous! So, here I am looking for a family who is not sensitive to fabulous fur and one that has room at their home for me.  I am headed to the clinic for some Bulldog maintenance,  some vaccinations, and for a once over. Then I will be reading the applications looking for a family who needs a bit of luck, because that’s me, I’m Lucky! 

10/16/18 Update:  It’s me Lucky, with an update after my first week in foster care. I got settled in and met the two other furry ones here. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my crate, but by choice, of course. See, I can open the door, slip on in, and just chill. I LOVE 💕 to play ball, chew on horns and recently discovered sitting in laps for love. I’m very active when awake. I’ve recovered from some dental work … thank goodness no braces for my cute underbite! I’m wrapping up meds for the slight cough I had and waiting for my new permanent residence.

There is one thing I must divulge to you. I’m a toy hoarder. At last count, I’d carried 13 into my crate. Foster mom has given up on removing them, I think. I’m housebroken, crate trained and know some commands. That makes me a perfect buddy for YOU! Please stop by and see me at Bull-O-Ween on Oct. 20!

10/30/18 Update:  Update from foster boy Lucky: Sorry I missed Bull-O-Ween, but I’ve been busy recovering from a respiratory bug. I’m 200% now.

I love all people, all toys and especially balls. I’m more active than the fat white furry one here and he’s only 18 months. I just get better with age, just like cheese and fine wine. All business is taken care of outside and I do prefer napping in my crate. But don’t worry, as I mentioned before, I can open it myself. I’ll do just about anything for a cookie and I’m super good on the leash.

So my question to you is….do ‘ya feel Lucky? I’m ready to peruse the applications so hurry and submit yours.

12/8/18 Update:  It’s been a minute since I’ve popped in to remind you folks…..I’m still looking for a place to call home. As of now, I’d likely do best as the only pooch. I’m not particularly fond of sharing your lap. I’d rather have ALL of you to love ALL of me. I’m active & agile, love to play ball, and walks are amazing too.  Funny story I want to share with you, speaking of my love to play ball. My odd foster folks keep a bag of balls in the refrigerator. The other day one fell out and I thought, yippee! So I grabbed the ball and played ‘keep the ball away from foster mom.’

Well, she kept yelling “NO” and “Cutie.” I’ve been called handsome; not usually a “cutie.” Well, she took my orange ball away, threw it in the trash and tried explaining to me that it wasn’t a ball, but a cutie orange. Duh….I want the orange ball! The whole bag! And seriously? Keeping balls in the fridge? Anyhow, I’m eagerly awaiting to meet you.

1/3/19 Update:  Things are swell here at the foster lair. I’ve been attending some classes and sharpening up on my rusty skills. I promise to show off when we meet. I’m ready to meet and mingle. I love balls, get along OK with other furry things, my crate is my haven and I’m ready to get into my forever digs.

3/6/19 Update: Things are well here. I’ve worked on my manners a lot and have improved on my leash, ten fold. I’m also learning to control my eagerness. Yea, my folks make me sit and wait when my gourmet meals are sat in front of me. I have a queue word now. Unfortunately, foster ma won’t be walking me for a few weeks, but I promise to remember what I’ve learned. I’m ready to meet my new folks. I’ll be best as an only guy because I just have that much love to give. Oh yea, they’ve been holding out on me. I discovered their secret….the Tempur-Pedic upstairs. I sleep up there all day, it’s heavenly. Until next time, y’all. Oh, and this talk about cold and rain? Not an issue for me. Guys gotta do what he’s gotta do.

5/6/19 Update: Nothing new to report… just chilling and waiting to meet my forever family. Maybe that will be you? I’ve been enjoying the weather, especially when I can play outdoors in the sun. I’m an older gentleman with plenty of energy that I’d like to share.

6/1/19 Update:  He continues to be the sweet, silly, goofy, spry youngish (7’ish) and vocal guy that came in our home 8 months ago. He had some bumps come up resulting in patches of fur loss, but weekly Curasab baths have it under control and on the way to complete resolution. He’s come a long way with the leash. While he’s very eager and will sometimes pull, by the time we hit the sidewalk, his memory comes back and no more pulling.

He’s ready for a quiet home, as doorbells, knocks and visitors truly stress him out. I continue to work desensitizing, but we’ve not overcome that trait. If we expect anyone, we just lock his crate where he already enjoys the majority of his time. Might you be the best-matched family for Lucky? Submit your application via our website today.

7/10/19 Update:  Wow, I’ve been here at the temp digs for quite some time. I’m a super laid back fella, housebroken and prefer a crate. I will eat anything you allow me to have and adore belly rubs. I prefer being your main squeeze and a quiet lifestyle. See, as an older gentleman, I’d prefer a “mature” home that’s low key and quiet. Is that yours perhaps? Oh, and I’m not as porky as I appear in one of the shots the two-legger took. See you soon!  Lucky

8/12/19 Update:   Nothing new to report, other than to let the great folks know I’m really ready to find my permanent home where I can be your only guy. I’m super sweet and love my belly rubs. I’m crate and house trained, and very vocal… I’ll talk and sing to you, especially when you encourage me. I also used to be terrible on the leash, but no more. YAY! So let’s meet!