Lucy Louise

Lucy Louise

Well bulldog family I have checked out of the bulldog B@B and into my forever family’s home.  And I must say what a sweet deal it is.

Yesterday I met Marshall and Sara and their bulldog Hamilton, and it was love at first sight!

This morning I packed my new bed, put on my new harness, and joined my new fur brother Hamilton and it was my dream come true.  Hamilton is the white bulldog that is laying on my new bed. I must really love him because I never really like to share beds in my foster mom’s home. It’s a bed big enough for 2, but since this is my first day in my new home, I am going to be polite and let him enjoy it. Tomorrow I will be laying in it for sure.  

My new mom Sara had to go to Austin this morning and she was not home for pictures but sometime in the future I am going to share photos of me and my entire family.  

I joined rescue in January, and never once did I think that my forever family was not going to find me. I knew they would!  Every week when I saw bulldogs getting adopted, I thought one day it will be me, and today it was me. Totally worth the wait, as you can see, I am as happy as can be.  Loved my time is rescue, but now I am home.

Hello all it’s me Lucy Louise joining rescue! I am not going to lie, I had a different name when I joined. My name was Miss Piggy.

I had been teetering on the edge about changing my name for a while, but this morning was the final straw. I got up super early to head to the pet store to get a new harness and leash. I patiently waited for my turn and when I got to the counter the lady said “Lord sister you need a Double XL, you are a big one.” I didn’t even tell her my name when she said, “You’re fat as a pig!” My first thought was to tell her she was no tiny thing herself, then I thought I would be the bigger person and just grab a harness and go.  But it did hurt my feelings.  

It’s not my fault that I am from the South where butter is a staple and gravy covers all comfort food! After all, it took me 3 years to grow this beautiful. There were a lot of tears when my mom said her goodbyes, but sometimes things change and what was going to be forever changed too. 

I am scared with this new change of residence, and I have been shaking in my bed. But I will get this all figured out. Everyone has been so nice and comforting and even wrapped a bath robe around me so I would not be so scared. Next week I am going to go sit with Dr. Larsen. She has a way of helping scared ladies feel like a queen.  And you know what?  Dr. Larsen would never use the word “fat” to describe me. She would just say “my goodness you sure are a big boned beauty!”

That describes me, Lucy Louise, age 3, a big-boned beauty!