Lucy May

Lucy May

Last Saturday, I got all dressed up to go to Studio Eighty in Fort Worth for a rescue fundraiser. I strolled down the cat walk, met some Bulldog-loving people and, wow, did I strut my stuff! Sandy, the volunteer who took me there, was amazing. I had everyone hooping, hollering and putting money in my tutu. I knew I was going to find a family that day!

Then came the big question: which family was the right family for me?

Sandy and I went home and we started looking through the approved applications and would you believe this? I looked over at Sandy and she had big tears running down her cheeks. Yep, you guessed it… Sandy had fallen in love with me. And I was really glad because I loved Sandy, too. I never left Sandy’s house after that day and today it is official ~ we are family!

I have a fur sister named Smiley and two skin sisters, Kaylee and Cheyanne. There are also some horses, but I am not going horseback riding, no matter what they say. I wanted to be friends with them until they showed me the size of their teeth. I decided riding was not for me!

Today a professional photographer came and took our family pictures. Can you believe that? Today everything is absolutely perfect just for me, Lucy May. I have a family that truly loves me.

Please welcome Scrunchie and Lucy May to our rescue family. Scrunchie writes: I am the smaller, brown brindle one with the purple leash. (And, shhh…. I’ll say the “smarter” one!) That other one, with the half white face and tan leash, is my sister Lucy May. Lucy May is a little more outgoing than me. I am more reserved. She is 4 and I am 5, and we’ve always been together. She walks fast and I walk slow. We’ve always shared the same bed and most times, the same crate. Do we want to be adopted together? Of course we do. But can we go to separate homes? Sure, if needed.

Our family went through some changes. They went their separate ways and that left us looking for another family to call our own. We love everyone and everything. We have gone to the dog park many times and never caused any problems with anyone. We love small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Once, a jumbo dog ran over us, so we try to stay out of the area at the dog park with the jumbo dogs.

We both need vaccinations and Lucy May still needs to be spayed. We are already at Dr. Larsen’s office, thanks to Uber, so our lap sitting, fur brushing and beauty regimens are all underway. We are glad to be among Bulldog-loving people. If you have a spot for two Bulldogs, we hope you can be matched to us. We promise that you won’t be sorry you adopted us both. We are double the pleasure, double the fun