LucyBelle (now Charlie)

LucyBelle (now Charlie)

Miss LucyBelle has been adopted!! She is living the good life in her new fur-ever home. She wished upon a star and found the most perfect family any bully could ask for. Her mom’s work friend threw her a “puppy shower”, and boy did she get showered with love! This girl has so many toys, beds and anything a girl could ask for. Her new name is Charlie, and I think that fits her so well. Her and her family are seeing the trainer to better their communication with each other since she is deaf. This sweet girl hit the jackpot and we couldn’t be happier! We wish you guys much love, happiness and sweet bulldog kisses!!

Hey everyone, it’s me LucyBelle joining rescue today!  And oh my gosh was my family sad. But, it really was the best decision for me.  I joined my family when I was just a puppy, and if I must say so myself,  I was the cutest puppy in the litter. However I was born deaf and no one wanted to buy me so actually you could say I was a “freebie.” But my family did not care at all. They taught me sign language. I can sit, stay, come, and at night when I am outside they shined a light and I knew that it meant come in the house.  I told you I was a smart one!  Now here comes the problem. It was my bulldog brother Tank. He was older, bigger, and you could say he could be really mean at times. Not all time,  just when he did not want me around. And not being able to hear I never knew if he was mad and sneaking up on me from behind. I have been in my share of bulldog tussles and me being a lady, I always came out on the wrong end.  I didn’t want to fight, don’t really know how to fight. I just got tired of Tank bossing me around. My family had kids, and they loved me and I loved them.

So, if you have nice dogs and nice kids I am the lady for you. I don’t want to defend myself, but I do want to run and play , and have another amazing family, without a Tank. I am 18 months old, I love everyone with fur and feathers and even though I am deaf don’t let that stop you from loving me. You won’t even know it!

10/5/18 Update:  Hi all! It’s me Lucy Belle. I finally made it my foster home, and boy was I ever excited to be here! I came in, ran around the house smelling all the smells. Jumping over all the furniture, climbing the fireplace. There wasn’t a place I didn’t check out. There is even a mini human here who has already taught me about these things called “snacks”. Foster Mom had to give me “snacks” for these pictures, she said I was to wiggly for the camera. She just needs to learn to get better action shots! I have places to go and things to smell don’t you know! I am settling in well, I will update you guys this weekend on how my weekend has gone.

10/10/18 Update:  Sweet Lucy Belle has had a great time being at her foster home. L.B. is every bit of a 18 month old hyper active puppy. She has the energy of 3 Tasmanian devils, and she runs through your house like a tornado. She is potty trained, and so far has only had one accident. L B would do best in house without small children, she runs and gets rough, which is not always suitable for the mini humans. Separation does wonders and she will eventually calm down. Although she is deaf, she is learning some sign language as in sit and down. She counter surfs and will jump on your table, so some manners are in need for this pup. All in all, Lucy Belle is a fitting in well and learning how to be a well mannered little spaz puppy. More to come!

10/21/18 Update:  She had such a great night at Bull-O-Ween! She knew exactly which tables and vendors had treats and would sit pretty for each and every one of them. She was so tired and slept all the way home. She got a squeaky ball in her bag of goodies and hasn’t put it down once since we got home. She met some pretty awesome people, and we hope everyone enjoyed her as much as we did.

11/2/18 Update:  Sorry I have been MIA lately. Foster Ma and Pa have been super busy trying to sell their house. But all is good in my world. I get to go for rides with them, while the house is being looked at, and I get to spend a lot of time with them. Foster Ma and Pa went out on a date tonight, and I guess they felt bad I couldn’t come along, so they brought me back a Benebone. It is fantastic! I haven’t put it down, and it makes it a little better that I didn’t get to tag along.

We have also been working a lot on my manners. You see, I am just a very curious girl, and I LOVE food. So, if I see it, I go for it. If I see anything on the counters that looks enticing, I go for it. Soooo, obviously that is frowned upon, and I get told to get down and move on. They are no fun, I tell ya! Anywho, I am being a great girl, and am even learning some signs to help me understand what Foster Ma and Pa want me to do. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate when my puppy brain is thinking about treats and wrestling…. but they will learn soon enough who trains who! 🤪

11/7/18 Update:  I have sat here and watched LucyBelle with Foster Pa, and the way she looks at him, makes my heart melt. She just studies his face, and would give him kisses. This is probably the calmest LucyBelle has ever been. So sweet!

11/20/18 Update:  LucyBelle enjoyed a much needed day of romping around in the yard. She is always wearing a smile and being her happy-go-lucky self.

12/3/18 Update:  Update from LucyBelle’s foster momma: Well, I tried to get a cute, sweet picture of LucyBelle with our reindeer antlers and let’s just say that was like trying to bathe a rabid cat…. She wanted zero part of it and she won. 🤪😂  LucyBelle 1   Antlers 0

12/9/18 Update:  It’s me, LucyBelle, checking in on this lazy Saturday. My foster family and I are resting up after a very busy week. I have been my cute, little mischievous self all week. As you can see, the mini human and I are plotting our day to see just how far we are going to push Foster Ma today. We call it fun. Foster Ma calls it mischief… Wait! Did Foster Ma just pull boxes out to go pack? I gotta go. I am needed to “assist” in this situation.
1/6/19 Update:  We have a first! LucyBelle is very, very hyperactive, and never sits still… But, last night, she just crawled up into my lap and snuggled in snoring. I soaked up every bit of the sweet lovin’.

2/15/19 Update:  LucyBelle has had a great few weeks here with us. She has made strides on her manners and we have all seen some good changes in her lately. She is always willing to help with the dishes, and she takes that job very seriously. LucyBelle and the mini human are like having twin 2- year-olds at all times. One is feeding the other or encouraging the other to do things they shouldn’t… It’s basically like a very cute three-ring circus. To say they are hand full is an understatement. LucyBelle is not a Bulldog who lays around and sleeps, while they wait for their next meal. LucyBelle is very energetic, and has to have ample play time to wind her down. A walk or two a day helps her energy levels tremendously. She takes full advantage of running in and out the backdoor all day. LucyBelle has a meet-and-greet this coming Sunday and our fingers and paws are crossed that they fall in love her with sweet energetic self.

Also, she says thank you for her new Benebone!

2/20/19 Update:  LucyBelle might have some good news brewing! She had a meet-and-greet this weekend. She turned on every ounce of puppy charm she had and tried to win over her potential family. She begged for belly rubs and wanted treats. She showed off her sitting skills and her agility. She ran from room to room and jumped on all the furniture. Our fingers and paws are crossed that she won them over and that she will have her very own place to call home.