Today was my big day! Last weekend, I went on a ride and met a nice family, including a little Bulldog named Rose. She’s super cute and has tons of energy. We had a good time playing. Little did I know that the visit was like an interview! Well, I got the job! I now have a new mom, dad, two awesome skin brothers and Rose. Pretty sure I hit the jackpot. I hear that I might be getting a cool new name, too. I’ll check back in with some updates once I settle in.

I don’t know if I am supposed to be here or someplace else. I somehow got lost on that wet, cold rainy day we had a while back. 

I kept walking in circles around a local dog park. Everyone was gone from the park because of the weather, except me. I kept nudging the gate trying to go inside. I thought my family may be in there, but the gates were closed.  

Finally, a woman drove through the park. She opened her car door and yelled at me, “Buddy, are you lost?” At the time, I didn’t think I was lost. I was just wet and cold. However, I didn’t want to lose out on this opportunity… I hopped right in that open door. The SUV was warm, and I was cold and wet.  

My new friend drove me around the area, hoping to find someone looking for me. But no one was. She took me home, dried me off and started posting my face on social media to try to find my family. 

After several days, she decided maybe I didn’t get lost. Maybe someone couldn’t take care of me any longer and dropped me off at the dog park, so I could find another family.  

I was planning to stay with my new friend, but her three dogs had other ideas. It was their house and not mine. So, the next best thing happened to me. My friend contacted rescue and here I am. 

Rescue is still posting my pictures, looking for my family. If anyone knows them, let them know I am here so I can go home. That is, if that family still wants me. If they can’t be found, I know rescue will help me get a fresh start. 

12/3/21 Update:  A couple of days ago, my foster mom picked me up from Dr. Larsen’s office. I am having a blast exploring my new foster home and backyard. 

Foster Mom keeps telling me how big and beautiful I am! She also tells me that I need to learn a few manners. I’m doing my best because the treats are sure yummy and I am all about treats! 

I have been checking out each piece of furniture, one nap at a time, to see which is my favorite. 

Well, it’s medicated bath time for me. It seems I have some allergies to deal with, but Doc says I’ll be better in no time! 

I’ll check back in soon with more details so my furever family can find me.

12/13/21 Update:   It’s hard to believe I have only been at my new foster home for two weeks. I love hanging out with the people here! 

Other things I love are back scratches, food and exploring in the backyard. I also like my chew toys. Sometimes, I get a little confused and think the the humans are chew toys. Foster Mom reminds me that they are not and gives me a more appropriate toy. 

I have had some skin problems, but they are getting better with good food and medicated baths. Foster Mom says I have beautiful, big eyes and to keep them that way, I need some eye drops. Well, that is my least favorite thing! 

I have some play dates set up to see if I like to play with dogs, too. My Christmas wish is to find a furever family who would love a big, goofy, slobbery guy who loves to be loved!

12/21/21 Update:  This morning, Foster Mom said I have to get ready to meet a couple of Bulldogs and try out my social skills. 

What? Have you met me? I am the most social Bulldog with the best manners! 

She said, “Sorry, I need to see it for myself. OK, let’s go.”

We started out at a park, where there were running, jumping, yelling, little people. 

Yep, I saw them. Then I just kept walking. 

We showed up at a house and I met a girl named Daisy. We sniffed each other politely, decided we were cool and went on a walk. There was one time when I thought, “Hey, let’s wrestle.” But Foster Mom said that was not the time for that, so I just kept walking. 

Then I met a dude name Otis. Same sniffing drill and then on a walk. He didn’t seem quite as social as Daisy, so I just walked behind him. Easy peasy, Foster Mom! Now, where’s my treat, some water and a nap spot for the afternoon?

12/29/21 Update:  Big boy Luke is just a sweetheart We’ve learned some new things about Luke over the past few days:

*He really wants to get to Miss Kitty….  I’m thinking no cats in his new home.

*He loves to play with the water when you’re watering plants.

*He also loves to chase the light from a flashlight and it helps him get some exercise. 

*He loves to play with toys of all kinds.

*When he’s tired, he’s really tired!

1/3/22 Update:  Happy New Year, Bulldog fans!

I got to go on vacation for Christmas. It was a really cool place with lots of dogs, a couple donkeys, and a cat. I LOVED playing with the dogs and I watched the donkeys from my bed in the yard. The cat? Well, let’s just say I would prefer a furever family without one of those. 

I’m back with my foster family now and got to ring in the New Year on the patio with beautiful weather. Foster Mom took me for a walk and gave me a bath earlier today before it got cold. 

I just know 2022 is going to be my year! It’s going to be the year that my furever family finds me. They are going to love how big (74 lbs) and goofy I am. 

For all of the families putting in your applications, I would like you to know:

I am house trained (unless you make me wait too long at night).

I love going on walks and am learning not to pull. 

I LOVE car rides. 

I love being with my people, but I sleep in a crate and I’m as quiet as a mouse. 

I love making new friends, human and dogs. 

I might be a bit much for small children. 

People keep telling me that I’m slobbery. Sorry, I can’t help it. They also say that I can get away with it because I’m so cute!

Oh, and if you need help disassembling box, I’m your guy!

So get those applications submitted and maybe you’ll get matched to me. 

Best wishes for a great 2022!  Luke