Luna Gloria

Luna Gloria

Hey everyone, it’s me Luna with my new dad, Robert!  That’s right I was adopted today. And I have found a fabulous family! A couple weeks ago my Dad met me and it was love at first sight! Every day my Dad would call and ask how I was doing, and every day I hoped I could leave the clinic and be with him! So… was the day!  I left the clinic and my Dad was waiting on me.  Today he told me all kinds of things we were going to do together. Tonight we are having popcorn and watching a movie. Tomorrow is spa day.  Wednesday he is having a party planned so I can meet the neighbors. Thursday we are going to a movie together and on Friday he says it’s date night and that will be a surprise. My head is spinning from all the things he has planned.  My Dad even carried me because I was not wearing shoes and he said the pavement was to hot for my feet. I can tell this is going to be a fabulous family for me. Let my new life begin.

Don’t let my good looks scare you. Come a little closer, so you can hear my story.

I am 2 years old and have had a wonderful life. No sad stories for me. My mom just said I needed someone who can help more with my skin, my hot spots, my eyes and my ears. Really, I don’t think I am all that bad. I just have seasonal allergies, need medicated baths, dog food that I am not allergic to and regular eye meds to help with my dry eye. I just call that “Bulldog maintenance.”

I love all dogs. I even had a Bulldog brother that was maintenance-free. I lived with kids and I love all people!

I will be heading to Dr. Larsen’s this week so she can take a look at this “amazing specimen of a Bulldog” and figure out a plan of action so my skin will heal, my eyes will look better and my ears won’t hurt.

I hope she is prepared to hold me in her lap because that is my favorite part of the day… lap-holding time! Get ready to watch me transform to an amazing lady right before your very eyes.