Luna Luz

Luna Luz

4 is my lucky number! You ask why?  Because almost exactly 4 months to the day after I showed up at rescue, I was adopted! Yes you read that right. I found my forever home! Susan, Ari (who couldn’t be there for the pic because of work) Ashleigh and Anastasia met me and knew I was the one to complete their family. Everyone said how sweet I was so I knew this day would come and it did!!Thank you to everyone at Lone Star for taking care of me and getting me ready for my forever home! Hugs from Luna Luz.

Please welcome Luna Luz to our rescue family!  If you’re an allergy sufferer, please raise your right paw, hoof or hand, and repeat after me: “I am so tired of scratching!” Really, I am miserable. I have been wearing some cute clothes to keep my toenails from ripping my skin and guess what? I now am ripping my cute clothes!

Yesterday was finally the last straw. I started sneezing and my eyes started watering and Lord, I could barely catch my breath! That is when I was ready to pack my bags and hitch a ride to rescue. I heard rescue was the place to be for the ultimate Bulldog makeover. I was not mad at my family at all. They tried everything to help me, but I need more than the what the average Bulldog parents can do.

My dad got some big tears in his eyes today when we said our goodbyes. He told me he was sorry because he felt like he had let me down. I let him know I was heading to Dr. Larsen’s today. She will put my fur under a microscope and start me on a program that will make me look like a Cover Girl. Shoot, Cover Girl might even want me to be their next “perfect skin” model. That is, once I get my perfect skin. So, no sad stories for me. I had a great family that took good care of me. I just turned 4 years old and I’ve had my lady parts taken care of so no babies for me. Now, all I need is some lap holding, medication and before long, you are going to see the “brand new” me!

7/7/19 Update:  She did great on the nearly two-hour car ride! And now she’s settling in… She’s so playful and sweet. She loves her toys, stuffed animals and watermelon!

7/10/19 Update:  Luna is the most amazing dog! She’s so sweet and easy. She deserves a forever home! She would be such a delightful addition to any family. Luna loves chewing on her Kong and fetching it too! She’s wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s easy, adaptable and very loving.

7/14/19 Update:  Dry aged ribeye, body massages, Vermont sharp cheddar… I think I’ve checked into a spa!

I love this foster home living… a lot. I know not to get up on the furniture, I’m potty trained and do well in my crate. I even do well out of my crate. My foster momma said something about doing errands and I said I’d stay behind and hang out in the cool A/C, so I just chilled crate-free until she got back.

There’s some concern I may not do well with other dogs, but my foster momma learned I used to live with an older Boxer and was OK, except for some toy aggression. I went to patios and car shows, and loved the attention. So, my foster momma and I are going to see how I do around some dogs. We’ll let you know.  Time to get back to napping and getting pampered.

7/22/19 Update:  I had the place to myself and boy did I enjoy meeting new friends that walked and fed me this week while foster mom was “bringin’ home the bacon.” I did great with them and with the extra time to myself. I do well with all people of all sizes. Today was bath time, I did so good in the tub, it’s nice when someone does all the scrubbing and I can just hang out. 

I’m just a blur when videoed chasing down my elephant, watch for me on the US sprinting team!

By the way, I walked by a brown lab this week and just seemed like I wanted to play, no obvious signs of aggression so foster mom said we’ll try walking by other dogs and see how it goes. To be continued…stay cool bullie friends.