Macey Rey

Macey Rey

Guess what? Today is my adoption day! I just knew something was going on today (mainly because I got a bath yesterday). Then, all of a sudden, all these people came to my foster home and told me I was going home with them. I was so excited!

But then I remembered my best friend who was at my foster home too, Moses. What am I going to do? Go with this amazing family or stay with my best friend? My new mom, dad and skin brother and sister then said the most amazing thing: “Macey and Moses are both coming with us.” I just cried the biggest, happiest Bulldog tears.

Today, I got the perfect family and my best friend Moses. What more could a little diva like me want?

I am 6 months old and, WOW, you should see the energy I have! I can run like the wind, fly through the air and get into more things in less time than a toddler. But, in my defense, I am only 6 months old. To me everything is a playground and I am all about playing. You should see me jump over my sister Casey Renea’s back and run in circles around her. I can make myself dizzy because I love to play!

My family had some serious health problems and they knew I would be much happier with a family that loved to play and had a lot more time to play with me.

I know you’re saying, “Oh, look… it’s a baby Bulldog!” That I am, but unless you have a good deal of time to spend with me and show me how to live inside and not chew things, you may not be the best match for me. Like Casey Renea, I love leather too… the look, the feel, the smell of leather just makes me want to gnaw, gnaw, gnaw. Just the other day, I got caught dragging a designer purse down the hall with me. Who would have known that was not for me?

8/26/19 Update:  My sister Casey Renea is still at the vet’s office and will be joining me soon, but in the meantime, I have made friends with the other foster Bulldog in this house. His name is Moses and he is about four times my size, but I am still the BOSS!

I am a little firecracker and as cute as can be. So far, I have been a good girl with going potty. Moses showed me how to use the doggy door.

I am ALL puppy! I am playful, and love to chew on things, but I also love to sit in your lap and snuggle. Foster Mom and Dad think Moses and I are the cutest pair. It’s like the giant and the tiny princess. I can’t wait to start looking through applications for my perfectly matched furever family. Kisses, kisses and more kisses,  Macey Rey