Maci May

Maci May

Spit fire Maci May has been adopted!
We were just a temporary stop for this little girl.

Maci Mays’ forever family had waited patiently for her.

When Maci and I arrived at her forever home (not knowing at that time if it was to be), forever mom Britney and dad Chad were anxiously waiting at the door for this little girl to become theirs. To my heart’s delight as I was preparing Maci May for her meet, Britney and Chad came directly to the car to greet Maci, to show her that love awaits her. As they lead her up the walkway into her forever home, there just a few steps past the front door, were her two anxious skin brothers, ready to meet the new addition to their family.

I found this poem which expressed for me that surreal moment “if it is to be” when Britney (and Chad) came to greet Maci……

The spray misted her face
The wind brushed her skin.
Nature’s kindness was all around her,
And upon her
And within her,
And she felt love
And oneness with
All the beauty that is.
(Dean Jackson)

We are so grateful for this family. They answered the prayers of our special girl Maci May.

Maci May is my name and playing full blast is my game. I am not quite two years old, so I have plenty of energy and I LOVE to run and play. 

So why am I in rescue. First of all, my parents loved me very much and tried everything they could think of to keep me. But there were lots of dogs around our place. I loved the German Shepherd and the Chihuahuas and we played together. But there was this other girl Bulldog and we didn’t always see eye to eye. Sometimes we were perfect together, but other times, not so much. I don’t think I always started the tussle, but I got blamed for it. So here I am. 

I am in very good health and current on may vaccinations. I am potty trained and walk on a leash. I was recently spayed and I am all healed up from that. I would be perfect for an active family without small children I might accidentally knock down. The rescue folks said they would try me with different Bulldogs to see how we got along. Maybe it was just that one I was living with that drove me crazy.

So keep up with my story. I would be a perfect addition to many families. I hope to meet you soon!

2/27/20 Update:  This 2-year-old is a small, but stout gal. She’s also a wiggler. When she sees you, her whole body wiggles. She doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Everyone is her friend. She has wonderful manners. She is house broken, she knows how to sit when told and she take treats gently from your hand. She’s a total lady in all these areas.

Now, a TOY is a whole different thing. Let me just say: SHE LOVES TOYS! We pulled a squeaky toy out for pictures and she went crazy. Well, not crazy, but extremely excited. We finally just handed it to her. She pranced around with it and walked by all the other dogs with it in her mouth, to show them she had something they didn’t. She threw it in the air and ran after it. She was just adorable! She loved it so much I let her keep it after the shoot.

During the shoot, she sat very still and would let us pose her. She wore the costumes as if she wears them every day. I loved working with her. She was perfect.

Maci May came to us because her family thought she needed more than they could give her. She likes kids, dogs and cats. She’s a very sociable girl ~ very friendly and sweet, but not needy. She loves people, but isn’t always trying to get your attention. She can entertain herself very well.

Maci May has a pure sweetness about her. After all the prancing, running and throwing her toy, she found my lap and just wanted to sit with me, chew her toy and let me love on her. Every now and then, she would stop chewing and look up at me, as if to say, “I love you,” lick my arm and go back to chewing. She’s an all-around wonderful girl!

If you end up being the perfect match for Maci May, remember to swing by the pet store and stock up on toys before you bring her home. You won’t want to miss seeing the fun side of her!

4/26/20 Update:  Macy May our Spit Fire!  Macy is 2-years old and full of fun, fire and herself.  This baby girl has fun everywhere she is and with anyone she is with.  She runs like the wind and plays just like a 2-Year Old.

Macy is healthy and happy, the only thing is she wants to an only child.  She does not see the necessity of having any other fur babies when you have her.  Why need anything else when you already have perfection, is the way she looks at it.  She does not intend to share her toys, food or attention.  I am an only child and I do not share these things either.  She and I connect as only children.  We understand how important it is for us to have our space.  Call us selfish, self-absorbed, spoiled.  Yes, we are all these things.  We know we should change (goodness knows we’ve been told enough) share, enjoy and think of others, but not going to happen.  So, you just must accept us for who we are and love us the way we are.

I have had the pleasure of taking her photo’s a couple of times and she is always fun.  She knows me because we go out in the yard and play, so when she comes in, she runs to me to say hello.  She is great at picture time.  Like I have said before especially when you break out the squeaky toy out.  She always gives me a big kiss before she leaves. She is one of the happiest girls I have ever worked with.

She loves kids, but they must be older and must be able to hold their own.  She will, knock a small child down.  She does not mean to she just gets so excited when she plays.  She would be great with an active family.

Until she finds her perfect family or moves to her Foster family I will be there every week for my hugs, kisses and play time with my Macy May.  She is my sunshine for the week.