Macy Marie

Macy Marie

Hey friends today was my big day! Today I was adopted, and I have a new family, and it’s a big family!

Here is my new family! Gia is brown, she was adopted from rescue, her name now is Pebbles.  Then me, Macy! Beside me is Reba. She might be my new best friend. And on the end is BamBam! Back row is Lori and Mark. They are our parents.

There is always that one that won’t cooperate and misses out on the pictures. His name is Quincy. He is a 14-year-old pug.  Quincy is 100% deaf. Don’t try to talk to Quincy because he just walks away.  

Do you love my new family? I sure do. When I was looking thru the adoption applications, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a lot of attention.  I wanted some other fur members to play with me and I wanted a family to love me forever!  And I got exactly what I wanted, I got it all. I even heard my new family say to just wait because they are going to adopt another bulldog from rescue just like me!

Hello friends it’s Macy Marie and I joined rescue!  No sad stories for me though unless you count the fact I heard “Macy needs to be on a DIET!” as something sad. I thought it was super sad because this gal loves to eat! 

On Thursday, the rescue wagon rolled up and picked up my friend DD and all it took for me to jump on board was hearing a bag of treats being opened.  No way DD was going to eat those sweet potato treats all by herself.  After all DD is a wiener dog and she doesn’t eat much.  It was a sprint down the sidewalk and thru the grass, but nothing was stopping me from getting on board.  Once I had one leg in, I planted my feet firmly on the floor and off I rode.  Never looked back.  

A couple years ago I had some babies and let’s just say that was an epic fail. I was not a good mama. I didn’t want to lay down and feed my babies. I preferred to stand. As they got bigger when I stood up, they stayed attached and they would go flying down the hall with me and they would still be attached. I thought that was super funny, but no one else had a sense of humor it seemed. That was my one and only attempt at being maternal. 

Not everyone is meant to be a mom, I always wanted to be a movie star! I am still thinking that might work for me! Shortly after that I went to the vet and had that baby making part closed for good!  

Well, that’s really all to tell about me.  I am 4 years old. Super cute and super sweet. I loved all the other dogs and I lived with cats! So, if you are the family for me, make sure you have plenty of treats!  Because I LOVE to eat!