Maggie Magnolia

Maggie Magnolia

Maggie Magnolia has been adopted!  Maggie’s new family drove all the way from Louisiana to meet this little girl and it was love at first sight! Her new mama and sisters are SO excited to have her join the family. She also has a new fur sister, Miss Ginger. I’m so excited for Maggie to start her new journey and can’t wait to hear about all her new adventures.

I am one fabulous Southern Belle! Even though a lady never tells her age, I am not embarrassed to tell you that I am 3 years old. That’s right ~ I got this fabulous in 3 short years! For some, it takes a lot longer, but not for me. Fabulous just came naturally. My fur is soft as silk, and my teeth are as white as snow. I refuse to tell you how much I weigh, but just know… fat gals are harder to pick up and kidnap. That’s why I’m carrying a little extra fluff and it does not affect me at all. Matter of fact, I may change my name to Maggie Magnolia Fluffy Queen of the South.

I am going over to sit with Dr. Larsen this week. Dr. Larsen probably has not seen a beauty like myself at the vet clinic in quite some time. I can just hear her now, starting to scream when I jump up in her lap for some holdy time. My personality is kind of shy until I get to know you. Then when you start giving me some treats, I am stuck like glue to you.

So, that’s really all about me. I have been raised with other dogs, some chickens and some ducks, and so far, so good. I have loved them all!

4/22/19 Update:  I’ve made it to my foster home and man, I didn’t realize how amazing this loving home could be! My foster momma promised me that my future will be nothing but bright. I might be a tad bigger than most girls, but my foster momma tells me I’m one gorgeous girl! FYI: I did notice a few handsome men looking my way today while shopping at Home Depot. I’m a little shy and I don’t care for loud noises, and those little humans scare me. My foster parents are quick to protect me and that makes me feel so much better.