Maggie Noel

Maggie Noel

Maggie Noel joined Beckham, who was recently adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. These two lucky Bulldogs will be loved and pampered for the rest of their days. Maggie was so busy checking out her new home that foster mom didn’t get much of a goodbye. Enjoy your furever home, sweet Maggie. Your foster family will miss you!

Dear Santa, Please Stop Here! This is Maggie Noel and I have moved so please make sure you find me. On Christmas Eve I never thought I would be writing you this letter. You know my Mom died 3 years ago and it’s been just me and my Dad for the last 3 years. And it has been amazing.  He and I, and me and him.  My Dad knows all about the bulldogs. My Dad has had bulldogs for the last 50 years. I was just one of many that my Dad has loved through out the years. But, things have changed. My Dad’s kids came from out of town and told my Dad I had to go. Go somewhere, right now, that no family member wanted me and for him to find me a place.  They also told my Dad he was moving into “Assisted Living” because he was 86 and they were tired of worrying about the fact he might fall, and him forgetting things sometime was also a concern.  All I can tell you is he never fell over me and he never forgot me. So with tears running down my Dad’s face and me not understanding what in the world was happening to us I was lifted in the SUV and taken away. So Santa please remember us because I feel lost and bring me a family that will love me, a senior myself, that for 8 years had the best family there ever could be.

1/21/20 Update:  Maggie Noel is a sweetheart. She is a big, beautiful, athletic girl with a coat soft as silk. Her curiosity keeps her busy. She has great house manners and always goes to the door when she needs to go out.

Eight is just a number when you talk about Maggie’s years. With her energy and activity level, she seems half that age. She’s tall enough to steal something from the kitchen counter or the table, so temptations must be hidden high.

Maggie gets along great with my other Bulldogs, both the seniors and the baby. While using a short training leash, we are working on walking TOGETHER. Always in a hurry, her choice would be to go anywhere and everywhere at top speed.

I’m convinced that she came from a home where her pops shared meals with her. After he took a bite, Maggie probably got a bite. Even with a full tummy, her constant, calm, puzzled stare asks, “Where’s my bite?”

Maggie is an easygoing, gentle, girl who wants to be by your side.

2/9/20 Update:  Now I’m part of a Bulldog foster family! I have sisters and a pesky baby brother. He is always after me to play with him, and we play until we drop for a nap.

I didn’t have fur brothers or sisters in my past life, so I hope there’s at least one in my furever home. It’s sure fun to have playmates.

I’m a very good girl. I am big and strong, but I am gentle with everyone, especially my new playmates. I have good manners, and I understand the word “no.” I don’t hear that word very often, but the pesky baby boy does.

I found out I love to try new foods. Bananas, pumpkin and frozen green beans are some of the things on my new menu. I like to watch foster mom and stay close by, in case she needs me. I’m really speedy answering the door.

To meet me is to love me. You won’t be able to resist my soft coat, beautiful eyes and good disposition. Hope to meet you today!